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The Strongest Athletes

The Strongest Athletes


Here is the list of the strongest athletes. These are the strongest NFL players, strongest NBA players, strongest MLB players, and strongest NHL players...




Stongest NFL Football Players

Casey Hampton: Blessed with nearly superhuman strength, Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton regularly benches 600 lbs. and squats over 800 lbs.. Perhaps that's why fellow teammate Brett Keisel has been quoted as saying, "When God built a nose tackle, he built Casey Hampton."

Sam Rayburn:
One of the NFL's biggest bruisers, Dolphins defensive tackle Sam Rayburn is known around the league for squatting 960 lbs. and bench-pressing 225 lbs. 38 times per session. "My strength has always been my biggest asset," he says matter-of-factly. "Without it I don't think I would have made it on this team." Not surprisingly, Rayburn is also a huge fan of the World's Strongest Man competition. "I watch it every time it's on," he gushes. "I really enjoy the show."

Adam Archuleta:
At only 6 feet, 210 pounds, the standout Strong Safety has been noted to put up ridiculous numbers in the weight room. His bench press is recorded at 530 lbs., he squats 663 lbs., and he powercleans over 315 pounds.

Larry Allen:
Even though Cowboys legend Larry Allen recently retired, he still needs to be on this list because he possesses serious superhuman strength! The winner of the 2006 NFL Strongman competition, 49ers guard Larry Allen blew away the field that year by bench-pressing 225 lbs an astonishing 41 times. He shrugged off his accomplishment afterward by claiming, "I usually never work out with a weight as small as 225 pounds so it wasn't too tough to get going." Anyone that can say that with a straight face definitely deserves to be No. 1 on my list.






Strongest NBA Basketball Players

Ben Wallace: Ben Wallace is damn strong. He has been featured in numerous muscle magazines for his unprecedented strength. He benchs over 460 lbs. and even can curl 100 lbs. in each arm for reps.

Earl Boykins:
The 5’5, 135 lb. point guard is the strongest pound for pound basketball player. He can bench press 315 lbs., an astonishing number for his size. If Shaq were to bench the same proportion to his weight, Shaq would be able to bench over 730 lbs.




Strongest MLB Baseball Players

Gabe Kappler: Kappler is noted to be one of the biggest and strongest players in the MLB. He is known as the “Hebrew Hammer”, one of the strongest Jewish athletes ever.

Ryan Howard:
At 6’4, 255 lbs. Howard is one of the strongest players in the league. He is the fastest player to reach both the 100 and 200 homerun milestones.






Strongest NHL Hockey Players

Martin St. Louis:
Even though St. Louis is one of the shortest players in the league at under 5’9, he has some of the strongest legs in the league; he is rumored to squat over 400 lbs.

Zdeno Chara:
At 6’7, 250 lbs., Zdeno Chara is one of the strongest NHL players. At the Bruins strength testing session, he did 31 consecutive wide grip pullups.

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