Study: Men Feel Pressured to Work Out, Too

What is your true motivation to exercise? New research reveals that men often work out due to feelings of pressure and guilt instead of exercising for health reasons.

A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research took a closer look at mens’ motivations for hitting the gym. Researchers found that, more than building muscle and “getting healthy,” guys are motivated to exercise because of insecurities related to body image and body fat.

This often leads men to work out spontaneously and inconsistently, without any strategic planning or logical reasoning other than trying to deal with their insecurities about their bodies. Men who work out spontaneously are more likely to experience ineffective workouts or not get the results they want. Any form of workout aiming for results other than improved health can even be considered dangerous.


MP’s Take: This is a much-needed reminder that everybody, not just women, can end up using gym time as a way to deal with their negative feelings about their bodies. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, this also means you can use your gym buddies as a support system, or act as a support system for someone else who’s motivation for staying fit might not be in their best interest. Guys: support each other. Your health is more important than looking good. Try to pick fitness goals that focus on bettering yourself physically and mentally. Take care of yourself. Train smart.



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