His Weight Loss Journey Began with a 15-Second Jog

David Clark was alcohol-dependent, 320 pounds and miserable before he decided everything needed to change. How did he start? By going for a 15-second jog.

He is now an ultra-marathoner, which is a complete 180 compared to the shape he started in. He managed to lose half his body weight – 160 pounds – in just 15 months. That’s because his attempt at establishing a workout routine didn’t stop after that first 15-second jog. He went back later and tried again. And again. Six months later, 50 pounds lighter, he ran his first 5K. And that was only the beginning.

It took over a year for him to get to where he is now, but in terms of weight loss, that’s pretty impressive. His only fitness strategy was that he kept consistent and gradually increased his mileage. He changed his diet, too – that combination completely turned his life around. Well done.


MP’s Take: No matter what place you’re in when you decide it’s time to make a lifestyle change, starting could be the hardest part. Clark started, and it was awful, but once he got over that initial hurdle, he didn’t let himself back down. He knew that if he just skipped one day of running, he would never be able to stick with it. That kind of self-awareness is pretty impressive. He knew exactly what would stop him from getting healthy, and he avoided it at all costs. He never would have been able to lose that much weight in just over a year if he’d given in to his excuses and quit when he got tired. Those first 15 seconds of jogging may not seem like much, but they literally changed everything for him. If you go out today and decide to try a new workout, and you only last 15 seconds – awesome! Go back tomorrow and do it for 30 seconds. And then 45 the next day. Just because progress is slow doesn’t mean it’s any less of an accomplishment.




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