Your Beer Belly Can Be Deadly

It turns out that skinny fat may actually be more dangerous than being obese. A new study from Annals of Internal Medicine found that excess belly fat, even if your skinny everywhere else, may be even more deadly than being obese or overweight. In other words, your beer belly may be killing you.

The study examined 15,000 people and found that men with pot bellies have twice the death risk of people who are just overweight or obese. Women have 1.5 times the risk.

The reason that this type of belly fat is so deadly is because this type of fat in your stomach goes deep inside your body and wraps around your vital organs. The liver is more likely to use this fat for cholesterol, which can go into your bloodstream and start collecting along your arteries. As a result, this increase in cholesterol makes your arties harder, which can lead to heart attack, stroke, and other serious health problems.


A doctor explains more about this issue in the video below:


MP’s Take: It’s a pretty interesting and important study. “Skinny fat” is a real problem and it’s almost glorified in the media these days with the “dad bod” fad. People should know about this and start taking care of themselves better. The most important thing to do is to combine a consistent exercise routine and healthy eating plan. Also, stress reduction can also help with this.




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