Does Exercise Make You Smarter?

Hitting the books? Maybe you’ll want to hit the gym first.

If you pay close attention, you might notice that students often exercise more frequently and more intensely during peak times of education, such as during finals week or before a big test or interview. Whether intentional or not, students and professionals find exercise to be a release during times of stress, but this is more than a mere coincidence.

Science has shown that exercise improves mental clarity. Pushing your body to its limits, bolstering sweat and endurance in all forms of exercise including cardio training and strength training, exercise works the body to increase the release of neurotrophin, a natural protein that allows your brain to adapt to its surroundings, therefore allowing you to absorb information more readily and coherently.

Even more, exercise can increase the number of mitochondria that are being produced in your brain. Mitochondria are the energy sources and “powerhouses” of each individual cell, so with a prominent rise in their number, they can encourage your brain to work harder than ever before.

The benefits of exercise continue to be revealed with more and more scientific research and we are just beginning to discover the important value exercise has on our mental health.

Fitness brings us clarity and peace of mind, allowing us to rejuvenate, recharge, and revive. This is the reason you feel so “brand new” after a workout and the subconscious motivation behind your exercise.

Your mind is your most powerful tool, even more so than any muscle you have.

Work your mind by working out your body and the limits to your success will be infinite.


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