Man Pays $7,000 to Get Surgery for a Six Pack

You see many people on social media these days showing off their ripped bodies. But how far would someone go to achieve a perfect physique?

Lee Coupland, a 31 year old man from England, spent nearly $7,000 for cosmetic surgery to get a set of six pack abs for life. The father of two traveled to Istanbul, Turkey for the surgery. He began by having the little fat he had melted down by ultrasound and strategically drained to emphasize his muscles. The next part of the surgery was laser lipo. This is when they create a thick scar line in the groove, in which you can actually feel a hard line where the shape of the abdominals are.

Coupland had to wear a corset while his body recovered from the surgery. It took about 7 weeks for his body to fully heal but he still experiences a lack of sensation in his chest.

In order to be eligible for surgery, you have to be in good shape and have less than two centimeters of fat covering your abs.

“I think more and more people will think it’s an option for them and it will become as common as boob jobs and nose jobs for women,” said Coupland.


You can see the results of his surgery in the picture below. Do you think the surgery was a success?



MP’s Take: I don’t even see a real set of abs on him! It doesn’t seem like the surgery was that successful. In my opinion, his abs look rather deflated and the shape is off. At the end of the day, if that makes him happy then that’s all that really matters. If you want a six pack, you don’t need to get surgery. It seems like a ridiculous request. You should just exercise consistently and eat healthy. All the work and money that goes into surgery can go to the time and effort spent in the gym and kitchen to get a natural set of abs. Even if Coupland gets this “six pack” through surgery, he still has to work hard to maintain it. He needs to have a level of muscle in his abs at all times. It just goes to show the extreme lengths that people go through these days for their physiques. Something like this can certainly do more harm than good. Who knows how his body will respond to surgery in the next few years. Only time will tell.





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