Anxiety Linked to Increased Cancer Risk

Frequent feelings of anxiety may raise your cancer risk, according to a new study.

Researchers found that anxious men were over twice as likely to die as a result of cancer. The study followed over 15,000 people from Britain. The authors were trying to learn more about anxiety and how it may contribute to multiple causes of death in people.

Though they don’t know the exact reason why there is a link here, it likely has something to do with stress hormones (yes, those things again). Higher levels of stress hormones make it harder for your cells to repair your damaged DNA. That’s the optimal condition for cancer cells to form.

Scientists are looking further into whether various treatments for feeling anxious can actually reduce cancer risk. While there may be a possible link to cancer, it doesn’t necessarily mean feeling less anxious will make you immune. Until those results surface, remedies like stress management and exercise certainly can’t hurt.


MP’s Take: If you’re an anxious person, and/or you have an anxiety disorder, physical activity is your friend. Exercise is good for more than just muscle gain and fat loss. It has mental and emotional benefits, too. Working out can ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, lowering your stress hormone levels. Having anxiety doesn’t mean you’re going to get cancer. It just might increase your risk. Look at this as another reason why getting your butt to the gym is essential – not just a casual suggestion!



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