100 Wings, 75 Pieces of Sushi or 5 Racks of Ribs – Pick my Cheat Day!

I’m sure some of you follow me on Instagram. I am known for my crazy Cheat Days. In the past I managed to eat 100 chicken nuggets, 3 entire watermelons, 2 pounds of spaghetti and meatballs, 3 Chiptole burritos, and many other food feats in a single meal. I used to film these challenges on Sunday and post them on my Instagram. I would also eat a ton of other crap on those days. Random slices of pizza, ice cream, etc. You name it and I probably ate it. The biggest meal (the grand finale) is what I save for the camera. That’s a huge reason why I gained nearly 270,000 followers. Check out a few of my biggest cheat meals on my Cheat Days:


I just ate 100 chicken nuggets and I’m in a massive food coma. #cheatday

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2 pounds of spaghetti and meat balls. #cheatday #portillos #neverforgetdesert

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The whole purpose of my epic Cheat Day is to show everyone that I can still look and feel good even if I am consuming 10,000+ calories in a day. I workout 5-6 days a week and I’m pretty strict with my dieting habits (except for Sundays). I am showing everyone that you can enjoy the pleasures of food and not feel guilty about it if you stay disciplined. The issue with Instagram is this: how could a 15 second video really show you that I ate all that food? People would call me a liar and say I faked the whole video. Well, that’s why I am going to live stream my entire Cheat Day on Sunday. There’s this new app called Periscope that just came out. It was purchased by Twitter for a reported 100 million dollars. The app is a social network that allows you to live stream videos. It’s like Snapchat but you can have the video play for as long as you want and personally interact with all the viewers during a stream. I have a poll going on my Instagram account, asking my followers to vote on what I should eat for my first live Cheat Day this Sunday. If you want to vote, follow me on my muscleprodigy Instagram.  

COMMENT your choice. I will tally up the votes! #cheatdayisback #betterthanever #periscope #livestream A photo posted by Muscleprodigy (@muscleprodigy) on

Most importantly, make sure you download the app Periscope and follow muscleprodigy to watch my epic Cheat Day challenges! It’s the only way you can watch me stuff my face (and hopefully not throw up in the process!). Be sure to follow muscleprodigy on Periscope and tune in this Sunday, June 28, at 7 PM EST for my first live Cheat Day.

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