Fitbit Tells Couple They Are Pregnant

Talk about an uplifting story!

David Trinidad decided to take a look at his wife’s Fitbit data and in doing so, he noticed that her heart rate was unusually high over the course of a few days. Concerned for her health, David took to the website Reddit to ask additional users if they have experienced similar concerns and what the information might mean. One user remarked that his wife might be pregnant since an increase in heart rate is one characteristic of pregnancy.

That evening, David and his wife took several home pregnancy tests and to their surprise, they were pregnant!

The couple had even trying to conceive for months, so the news was an absolute blessing to them. David later went back to Reddit to announce the news and thank all of the users for their help and support.

Check out the video below:


MP’s Take: Technology really is something. It’s amazing what it can tell us. If you are using a Fitbit or a related device and notice your health readings to be a little different than your usual, be sure to investigate further. You never know what might be happening. Always make your health your top priority.

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