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Brady Quinn Workout

Brady Quinn Workout


Brady Quinn Muscle Workout and Diet Routine

Quarterback, Denver Broncos

6’3, 236 lbs.

40 Time: 4.68

Vertical Jump: 36”

225 lb. Bench Press: 24 reps




At a remarkable 5% body fat, Brady Quinn is not your average NFL quarterback. In fact, he takes fitness to a whole new level. He’s the spokesman of Myoplex for a reason…

At the NFL Combine, Quinn broke the record for most repetitions by a quarterback performed on the 225 pound bench-press (24 reps).  Quinn can even squat 500 pounds for reps. On workout days, Quinn trains his upper and lower body in every workout, focusing on basic, compound movements such as squats, presses, rows, pushes and pulls. Doing compound movements is the best way to build muscle mass because it incorporates more of a full body workout. Your entire body is under constant stress and muscle growth is more likely to occur.






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Quinn believe squats (both front and back) are one of the most important workouts for building size, strength and to get you into shape. Besides building up your legs, Quinn believes squats have so much to do with building core strength. This is true. The heavier you go on exercises like squats, more stress is placed on your core to maintain stability, and thus more likely to build up. Quinn trains his entire body to build strength, stability, speed, and power in the least amount of time. He trains his upper body and lower body in every workout. Quinn is most likely extremely busy with such a long NFL schedule. Doing a full body workout like this can be a great time-saver and this constant stress on the muscles can actually help build him up even more.


Quinn made the cover of Muscle & Fitness due to his intense training regimen
and dedication to fitness. He is widely known as a true fitness buff. 




Quinn begins each workout with calisthenics, core exercises, and injury-prevention moves. After that, Quinn focuses on specific muscle groups he plans for each day. As far as Quinn’s strength training, he prefers to do five sets of five with progressively increasing the weight. Quinn sometimes drops the weight and does reps of 20-25 right after a heavy set. Doing such low reps will help build up his explosion and power, not to mention pure strength. He understands the importance of warming up his muscles and body. The fact that he does progressive overload will help his muscles adapt to heavier weight each set. You are much more likely to injure yourself if you just lift super heavy weight without working your way up. In addition, doing the higher reps will help with his muscular endurance. It is good to do both kinds of workouts to work all the different muscle fibers.


In terms of nutrition, Quinn is a big advocate of organic foods, preferably with vegetables and raw foods. He tries to stay within the realm of one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight (which is around 240-250 grams of protein a day). Quinn has a lot of lean beef, chicken, fish, and other kinds of meat and poultry for extra calories and protein. Quinn also relies on supplements, preferably Myoplex. Consuming one gram of protein per pound of the bodyweight is what is mainly recommended among workout and fitness experts. This ensures your body is getting the perfect amount of protein for muscle growth and recovery.



Source: Men's Health










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Date Published : 2011-12-11 01:57:27
Written By : Richard Allen