Top 10 Greatest Feats of Strength

Check out the 10 greatest accomplishments in strength that the world has ever seen. It’s hard to order these feats into a top 10 list because of the variations of strength used. Therefore, we will list the 10 most impressive ones.

Andy Bolton

Deadlift – 1,003 lbs.

Evgeny Chigishev

Snatch – 464 lbs.

Leonid Taranenko

Clean and Jerk – 584 lbs.

Paul Anderson

One-Arm Press – 300 lbs.

Sam Byrd

Squat – 1050 lbs.

Ryan Kennelly

Bench Press – 1050 lbs.

Christian Bazan

12 consecutive 90 degree push-ups.

David Gauder

Pulls a Concord Jet weighing 173,500 lbs.

John Evans

Balances a stripped-down car weighing 352 lb. on his head.

Tom Platz

Squat – 23 reps of 500 lb. squat.

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