This Upcoming Fitness Trend is Weird, But We’ll Try It

Fitness trends come and go, especially the ones that don’t have the miraculous effects they claim to. Take rebounding – jumping up and down on a miniature trampoline – for example. It’s a fun, low-intensity activity – but it can’t replace an intense, full-body workout. 2017’s predicted fitness trend is actually one you’ve tried before … except you probably don’t remember it. Because you were a baby.

That’s right: crawling on the ground like a 12-month-old is apparently set to become an actual fitness craze. Weird, right? Well, yes – but mostly because of what some experts claim it can do, not because it requires that you crawl, with proper technique, for at least three minutes at a time.

Do you have perfect posture? If you answered yes, stop lying. There are a few things you can do to fix this and the back problems that come with it, but one organization is claiming that crawling is the new and improved way to reverse yoru bad posture habits. Crawling in a sense “reminds” your body the correct way to align itself. Great in theory … but not quite on the mark.

Crawling can, little by little, help you build your core – at least in tandem with actual strengh training exercises like resistance training. There’s no evidence that babies have some kind of mystic balance and strength abilities adults have to crawl back to though. It’s true most of us have awful posture, but is crawling really going to reverse that? Probably not.


MP’s Take: There might be some benefit to crawling, core-wise. It’s definitely not going to hurt you. But crawling isn’t much different than any other fitness trend we’ve seen sweep through gyms in the past. It has advantages, but it’s not some magic cure for restoring your body to the strength and stability you apparently had before you could walk. At some point people are going to realize it doesn’t live up to the hype, get bored and move on to the next thing. Try it if you want, but don’t believe everything you hear about how humans aren’t meant to walk on two legs. There’s literally no logic behind that argument. Do you want to crawl everywhere you go? Didn’t think so.



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