Study: Caffeine Boosts Your Squatting Power

Want to boost how much weight you can squat? Drink some caffeine before you hit the gym.

A new study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research suggests caffeine could enhance your strength training.

Participants either took a caffeine sample or placebo 45 minutes prior to performing previously assigned physical activities. These activities included squatting and bench pressing exercises. They then reported their heart rate and perceived exertion.

Researchers found that participants who consumed caffeine before working out were able to squat a significantly increased amount of weight compared to those who did not.


MP’s Take: Caffeine is a stimulant, so it totally makes sense that you’d be able to squat more weight hyped up on coffee than you would without it. Drinking coffee before a workout doesn’t just make you feel physically energized: it gives you a mental boost, too. You can use this to your advantage on days you need to go to the gym but don’t really want to; use coffee as your new pre-workout. Forty-five minutes to an hour before you want to start your workout, drink some coffee. You’re much less likely to skip out on your exercise time, and you’ll accomplish more as you work out. Just try it.



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