Squatting 875 Pounds at 17 Years Old

Yeah. You read that right.

17 year old Jose Pena recently broke a brand-new weightlifting world record, squatting 875 pounds at the Holy Cross Invitational weight lifting competition held in San Diego.

Again, 875 pounds.

Just 17 years old.

And he made it look so easy. Check out his record-breaking performance:

The high schooler is no stranger to world records. Two years ago in 2014 when the young one was just 15 years old, he squatted 727 pounds in raw form without the use of any straps at the USA Powerlifting Nationals. This event is a drug tested event and with Jose’s performance, he set a new world junior record.

What an amazing feat. That’s hard work, dedication, and passion for the sport!


MP’s Take: I can’t stop watching this video. What a performance. It looks like he could have gotten even more weight with the ease in which he made the rep look! He absolutely deserves the record he achieved. I’m happy to see he has a strong team of supporters around him who are encouraging him and motivating him positively in a beneficial manner. That’s so important to everyone, including all of us, who are in love with strength training and exercising. At 17 years old, Jose’s body is still growing, so I hope his trainers are helping him to take proper precautions when it comes to maintain his health and safety relating to his body for the future.

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