Steroid Abuse Can Give You Diabetes

Building lean muscle mass, getting strong and improving your physique and physical performance all takes time … and a lot of work. Unless you opt for the easy way up (you know the one). Anabolic steroid abuse, it turns out, might lead to a condition that can make you more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

Researchers have found that intense anabolic steroid use – you know, synthetic drugs that mimic hormones like testosterone – can lead to something called insulin resistance. Basically, that just means your body doesn’t use insulin the way it’s supposed to. If your system gets too messed up because of this, it can lead to pre-diabetes, which puts you at higher risk for developing diabetes – problems with regulating your blood sugar, which can totally mess up your normal workout routine, among other things.

There’s no proof that taking steroids directly causes diabetes, of course. But scientists did find that men who have or currently use steroids were more likely to have issues with insulin. There’s still a risk, even if it seems like a small one.


MP’s Take: Supplements, if you really feel you need them, are fine. If you’re smart about using them, that is. Protein shakes, vitamins, whatever you want. Go for it. But stay away from steroids. You don’t need them. If you’re tired, or don’t feel like you’re performing as well as you should be, you might be over-training. First make sure you’re eating enough and aren’t working out too much. And don’t try to compare your body, how much time you spend at the gym, etc., to anyone else. Wouldn’t you rather train smart, take care of yourself and feel good than end up having to deal with diabetes – and plenty of other steroid-related problems – years down the road? (Yes. The answer is yes.)



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