3 Things We Learned from 2015 Mr. Olympia

Bodybuilding’s biggest spectacle, Mr. Olympia, ended last weekend with Phil Heath winning his fifth straight title, the Sandow trophy, and the $400,000 grand prize. Here’s a recap:


Phil Heath WINS his 5th @mr.olympiallc title!!! #MrO2015 #MrOlympia

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Here are the top 10 finishers for Mr. Olympia 2015:

#1 – Phil Heath

#2 – Dexter Jackson

#3 – Shawn Rhoden

#4 – Dennis Wolf

#5 – Mamdouh Elssbiay

#6 – Branch Warren

#7 – Roelly Winklaar

#8 – William Bonac

#9 – Victor Martinez

#10 – Essa Obaid   

Phil Heath Could Beat the Record

Heath is feeling more confident than ever and believes he has a chance to surpass Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney’s joint record of 8 straight Mr. Olympia titles.

“I figured out the other day that Ronnie Coleman won his first of eight Sandows at the age of 34. I won four by 34, and I’m 35 now. So I think I’ve still got time,” said Heath in an interview with Flex.

Jay Cutler was the last biggest threat to the record, winning 4 Mr. Olympia titles in 5 years. Recently, it seems as though Cutler’s age is catching up to him and is unlikely to win another title.

Heath is the biggest threat to catch King Ronnie right now. Only 13 men have won the Sandow Trophy in its 65-year history. This is a sport built off long periods of dominance by individuals. This is undoubtedly Heath’s era.    

  Wow!!!!!! What a feeling people. First I wanna thank God for giving me strength throughout all adversity and negativity in my life. I have a ton of ppl to thank but wanted to thank those fans out there who have had my back from day one and those new fans that are here representin #HeathNation and the love for bodybuilding. After winning I had a moment where I had to just stop and take everything in and pray saying Thank You Lord for all of the times when I would receive extreme levels of hate from the world and YOU GAVE ME THE LOVE I NEEDED TO PUSH THROUGH OBSTACLES AND NEVER LOOK BACK! Bodybuilding is my love, my passion and my therapy which is why I love connecting with others so much that follow this sport simply because we are all in it to feel good look great and have the hope to do it again the next day. Thank you Robin Chang, David Pecker and the entire AMI team and @amazon for putting on an incredible event. You’ve outdone yourselves once again and damn that trophy is huge!!!! Jim Manion of the #NationalPhysiqueCommittee the best Amateur Organization in the world and the IFBB Pro League home of the Mr Olympia Champions baby! Thank you IFBB and NPC for giving me and others a greater life, a life that allows us to body-build and use those talents to create endless possibilities of creating income for our families, also traveling around the world meeting people that we’d honestly never meet otherwise. I appreciate you all and want everyone to stay encouraged to accomplish whatever goals you have in your lives. Look at the crazy stuff I get hit with in life and know that when you have your mind and spirit in a positive place, you will always be delivered from evil. Have a great week everyone! #ANDSTILL #DYNA5TY #iHaveAscended #StrongMindStrongFaith #LoveDefeatedHate #OnToTheNextOne   A photo posted by Phil Heath (@philheath) on

No Kai Greene Hurt the Competition

Kai Greene, who finished runner up to Heath the last three years, was ineligible to compete this year. This was possibly due to sponsorship money issues, although the exact reason hasn’t been fully disclosed. With the “Phil vs. Kai” competition no longer in effect, this year’s Mr. Olympia was one of the few in recent memory devoid of a real rivalry. Many believe that Kai losing again to Heath would’ve legitimized Heath’s dominance even more.

Just check out Kai’s Instagram photo below showing the type of physique he would’ve brought to this year’s Olympia stage. He was a serious threat to Heath, perhaps more than ever.    

Dexter Jackson Still Got It

At 45 years of age, Dexter Jackson finished runner up to Heath this year. Jackson won his only Mr. Olympia title in 2008 so it’s pretty amazing he could be a true factor to potentially win again this year. Jackson is a great example that consistent hard work is the recipe for success. Many didn’t think Dexter could compete with bodybuilders 10-15 years younger but he proved them wrong and worked hard on his craft.

I PLACED 2nd!!!! ?????????????

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