Justine Moore Interview

Justine Moore is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, fitness model, and the author of the JustineFit Recipe Book.

Why did you decide to start working out?

JM: Growing up, I was overweight and far from athletic. So throughout high school and college, I struggled with my weight and body image. I had this idea of what I wanted my body to look like, but had no clue how to get it. I sort of stumbled into the world of fitness when I began working the front desk at a local gym. I started learning about strength training and proper nutrition from trainers at the gym. I began weight lifting regularly and treating my body right with a balanced, clean diet, and before long, the results started to come!

What is your preferred workout routine?

JM: These days, I train five days per week for about 45 minutes per workout. I do a combination of resistance training, high intensity interval training, circuit training, and kickboxing.

What is your preferred diet?

JM: I don’t believe in “diets”… Instead, I practice a healthy, balanced approach to eating. I typically eat five meals per day, with a balance of proteins, carbs, and fats. I eat “clean” — wholesome, nutrient-dense foods — about 90% of the time… but [I] also allow myself to indulge. I’m a Milwaukee girl, so I love my beer, which I enjoy every weekend, along with pasta, pizza, burgers, ice cream, sushi, you name it… but all in moderation!

If you could pick only 3 exercises to do, what would they be and why?

JM: Squats, lunges, and pushups. These fundamental exercises work multiple muscle groups at once, and have really helped me to shape my entire body.

What types of supplements do you take and recommend? What are the benefits of each?

JM: I take the following supplements on a year-round basis: a multivitamin and vitamin D to fill in any nutritional gaps or deficiencies; an immune system support supplement because my immune system has been weakened by adrenal damage; BCAAs and L-Glutamine intra-workout to help with recovery; fish oils for omega-3s and cognitive benefits; Alpha Lipoic Acid for blood glucose metabolism and anti-inflammatory properties; digestive enzymes and probiotics for my digestive system; and a high quality protein powder for post-workout recovery and for meals on-the-go.

What is your favorite motivational quote?

JM: My greatest motivation comes from my favorite Bible verse, which is tattooed on my right wrist: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” ~Philippians 4:13.

What is your proudest fitness accomplishment to date?

JM: My proudest accomplishment in fitness was the release of my first ebook, The Justine Fit Recipe Book. I created this book with my mom, to show people eating right does NOT have to mean eating boring, bland food. The book includes my philosophy on nutrition, which has helped me find balance in my own life. It also features 55 fitness-friendly recipes ranging from pancakes to pad thai, pizza, pasta, cookies, cheesecakes, and much more!

What advice would you give for a fitness beginner?

JM: If you want something badly enough, you will find a way to get it. Believe in yourself, and make your goals a priority. Getting and maintaining a fit physique requires a lot of hard work and discipline… If it was easy, then everyone would be in great shape! Stay patient and consistent with your training and nutrition, and the results WILL come.

Besides fitness, what are your other interests?

JM: I love traveling, reading, music and concerts, attending sporting events, going out for dinners, and spending time with friends and family.

What are your future goals both personally and professionally?

JM: Professionally, I want to continue growing my brand and expanding my business on an international level.  I feel very blessed to have found such balance and strength through my fitness journey, and now I want to share my knowledge, passion, and experience with others.  I have a couple new projects and business ventures in the works, which I am very excited about… I just can’t share quite yet! On a personal level, I hope to have a family someday… when the time is right!


Website: www.JustineFit.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JustineKMoore

Instagram: @JustineFit

Twitter: @JustineKMoore

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