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Which Sport Has the Most Jacked Athletes?

Which Sport Has the Most Jacked Athletes?


There are so many arguments among sports fan for which sport has the most jacked and muscular athletes. Due to numerous requests from our fans, we will shed light on this popular question. After analyzing numerous pictures of these athletes, we determined the top 10 sports with the most jacked athletes. We also included who we thought is the most jacked athlete in their respective sport. 

Note: Bodybuilding is not included on this list. They are obviously number one since their sport solely focuses on sheer muscular size and aesthetics.






#1-  Sprinting



Sprinters are the most jacked and muscular athletes around. Because sprints are short explosive races, they engage fast twitch muscle fibers, and do not require great cardiovascular or muscular endurance. Since their body mainly consist of fast twitch muscle fibers, they are more likely to go through hypertrophy. Since sprinting is for a very short time, they essentially do not lose any muscle, as opposed to long distance runners who may break down muscle. Besides obviously doing sprints, sprinters need to do resistance training with exercises like squats, quadriceps extensions, lunges, calf raises, leg press and leg curls. The amount of weight they lift will vary based on the sprinters’ race distance. For example, a 100-meter sprinter will lift heavier weight with fewer reps, while a 400-meter sprinter will lift lighter weight with more reps.



Most Jacked Sprinter: Harry Aikines-Aryeetey



Harry Aikines-Aryeetey Harry Aikines-Aryeetey of Great Britain in action during the 100m men's B race during the DKB-ISTAF Iaaf Golden League meeting at the Olimpiastadion on June 14, 2009 in Berlin, Germany.  (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Harry Aikines-Aryeetey







#2-  Gymnastics


Gymnasts possess not only strength, but also demonstrate balance, coordination, and extreme amounts of flexibility. What is so interesting about gymnasts is that many of them do not use weights when it comes to training. Most gymnasts are on the shorter side and under six feet tool. These gymnasts have much less muscle mass to have a fuller look. When it comes to their training, gymnasts work their fast-twitch muscle fibers. Gymnasts do handsprings, pull-up movements, mid-air tucks, and springs off beams and boards. Combining their shorter body stature with sprint-like activity yields lower body fat and more muscular bodies. Also, gymnasts start training at the young ages of 8-12. Although they aren’t necessarily building muscle at such a young age, they are priming their body for training.



Most Jacked Gymnast: Raj Bhavsar











#3-  Mixed Martial Arts






MMA usually involves five rounds, in which the fighter may need to throw many punches, kick, dodge, block, take down the opponent and fight from the ground. Doing all this requires the use of the entire body with maximum exertion and periods of continued stress. For this reason MMA fighters need to be in top shape both physically and mentally. They need the highest amount of strength, muscle endurance, cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility and just about every other physical fitness aspect. MMA fighters do a high amount of strength training, mainly focusing on explosive movements and functional strength training. Rather than relying just on standard weights, these athletes incorporate things like heavy sandbags, using a sledgehammer on a tractor tire, and lifting and carrying heavy objects around.



Most Jacked MMA Fighter: Sean Sherk











#4-  Wrestling


Believe it or not wrestlers go through some of the toughest training, even at a high school level. Besides the technical aspects of being in practice for over 2 hours a day, a large part of wrestling is strength and conditioning. Wrestlers are forced to weight train as much as bodybuilders to develop strong and powerful muscles while doing crazy conditioning such as stairs and sprints just to stay ahead of the competition. A 7-minute wrestling match is one of the most brutal things you can ever do. During those 7 minutes, wrestlers are forced to apply constant pressure and be very explosive throughout the entire match. One wrong move or one let up from being aggressive and they're on their back. No other sport requires you to be so well conditioned doing explosive bursts for such a long period of time without any breaks, and it is their training and workouts that allows them to be so explosive and in such good shape. No wonder they're jacked up.



Most Jacked Wrestler: Daniel Igali










#5-  Boxing


Boxing is one tough sport. ESPN even did an algorithm to prove it's the toughest sport in the world, beating out the likes of football and hockey in a landslide. A large part of that is the endurance and stamina required to go through a blistering 3 minutes round 12 times. A boxer will throw hundreds of punches throughout a fight, so poor muscular endurance will lead to not only defeat, but getting knocked out. These boxers need to have incredible amounts of muscular endurance with adequate strength to produce a punch that can knock someone out. Like MMA fighters and wrestlers, boxers do all kinds of workouts but mainly focus on functional strength training and a tremendous amount of cardio.



Most Jacked Boxer- Timothy Bradley











#6-  Football




Even though most football lineman have guts like they just left the Italian meat market, the running backs, wide receivers, and defensive backs sure got some of the more impressive physiques around. Football players perform a total of about 5 minutes of work (roughly 60 plays at around 5 seconds a piece) of sprinting at 20 mph and tackling the entire time. Their training consists of lots of wind sprints and in the weight room, they mainly focus on compound movements like squats, deadlifts, bench press and military press to develop the appropriate power to make a tackle, withstand the punishment of a heavy blow to the chest, or gain that extra yard with the football. Out of all the sports on this list, football probably involves the most amounts of weight training and the athletes with the best muscular genetics. Therefore, these guys are extremely jacked up. Just Google the words: Michael Ray Garvin.



Most Jacked Football Player- Michael Ray Garvin











#7-  Rowing


Michael Wales Michael Wales and his team of the USA row during the junior men's quad sculls during day one of the FISA World Rowing Junior Championships at the Lac du Causse Correzian on August 5, 2009 in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France.


Rowers get so muscular and strong because they apply a tremendous amount of force to the water on each of their strokes. Rowers need to be very lean because they don’t want to carry any extra weight. You may row miles at a time so rowers possess more slow-twitch muscle fibers. According to studies, rowers will typically cover 2000 meters in water in six to seven minutes. This requires about 200 or so full pulls on the oars. Since there is more peak muscular force involved in rowing, these slow twitch muscle fibers are larger. As a result, this is why rowers are so built up more than long distance runners. Strength training for rowing has evolved from strength-endurance circuits using homemade equipment and bodyweight exercises into more of workouts of weightlifting, powerlifting, and track and field. Out of all the muscle groups to train, the core, back, and legs are the most important since that is essentially where all the power is generated from. Powerful movements originate from the core and transfer to the arms and legs, making core strength probably the most essential.



Most Jacked Rower: Derek Porter







#8-  Swimming



Swimming is a total full body workout to strenghten, tone, and condition the body. Swimming works all the major muscle groups. including the shoulders, back, abdominals, legs, hips, and glutes. Since water affords 12 times the resistance as air in every direction, it really helps to build added size and strength. When it comes to training, many swimmers prefer bodyweight exercises like pushups and pull-ups. Getting too bulky can slow a swimmer down so these swimmers try to get as lean as possible.



Most Jacked Swimmer- Alain Bernard










#9-  Basketball


Besides football, basketball players possess some of the best genetics when it comes to sheer athleticism and natural muscle mass. Basketball requires both aerobic and anaerobic activity, running up the court for a full 48 minutes, doing explosive sprints throughout the entire game. It requires a tremendous amount of energy and that's why you never see a fat person in the NBA. They are probably as a whole, the most in-shape athletes on the planet. Their training consists of a lot of circuit training in the weight room with activation of the core to keep their body balanced so they can perform better. Physically and cardio demanding, basketball necessitates a need for athletes who are willing to put in the time on and off the court. 



Most Jacked Basketball Player- Serge Ibaka











#10-  Hockey



Hockey requires an unparalleled amount of toughness and fitness. Hockey is a sport of intensity, physical contact, strength, stamina, and speed. Hockey is a sport of anaerobic activity that requires a short shift of 2 minutes, sprinting up and down the ice the entire time. The result is the most painful form of lactic acid buildup from the toxic buildup of the activation of fast twitch muscle fibers. While most basketball players can play close to a full 48 minutes, you'd be hard-pressed to find one player in the league who can stay on the ice for half of a game because of the demands of sprinting on ice and the physicality that big hits come with. Hockey players need to have tremendous anaerobic capacity with some of the best VO2 maxes and leg power of any athletes. Hockey players do a lot of circuit training workouts to mimic the style of a hockey game, a short repetitive bout of high intensity training with little periods of rest in between.



Most Jacked Hockey Player- Tyler Seguin




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