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The Greatest Feats of Strength

The Greatest Feats of Strength

Check out some of the greatest accomplishments in strength that the world has ever seen. World records of deadlift, squat, bench press, snatch, clean and jerk, etc...



Andy Bolton

Andy Bolton is the first and only man to ever deadlift over 1,000 lb. He set a world record at 1003 lb. (455 kg) at the 2006 WPO Semis in Lake George NY.








Evgeny Chigishev

Evgeny Chigishev’s 464 lb. (211 kg) snatch at the 2005 World Weight Lifting Championships in Doha, Quatar.








Leonid Taranenko

Leonid Taranenko’s 584 lb. (265.5 kg) clean and jerk at the 1987 World Championships in Ostrava.







Paul Anderson

Paul Anderson performs one-arm presses 300 lb. (136.4 kg).








Sam Byrd

Sam Byrd 1050 lb. (477 kg) squat at the 2007 IPA Cincinnati Pro-Am.








Ryan Kennelly

Ryan Kennelly’s 1050 lb. (477 kg) bench press in 2007.







Christian Bazan

Christian Bazan did 12 consecutive 90 degree push ups in January of 2009.






David Gauder

David Gauder pulls a Concord Jet weighing 173,500 lb. (78,864 kg) in 1992.







John Evans

John Evans balances a stripped-down car weighing 287 lb. (130 kg) on his head.








Aneta Florczyk

Aneta Florczyk bends a frying ban with her bare hands.






Tom Platz

Tom Platz does a 500 pound squat for an incredibly impressive 23 reps.






Kevin Tolbert


Kevin Tolbert probably was one of the strongest men to ever walk this planet. He is the adopted son of Dr. Ken Leistner (who himself has squatted 405 for 23 deep A2G reps at only 160 lbs. bodyweight- and was a running back at the U.S. Naval Academy. Tolbert has reported to have done 600 lb. squats for a full 30 reps and then without any rest did a 405 lb. stiff legged deadlift for 15 reps. Also, he did a 500 lb. squat for 20 reps, then went straight to the leg press machine without any rest and banged out 20 reps and then went straight to do 500 lb. squats for 20 reps again and then straight to the leg press, all without rest. This man was an absolute animal. For all of you who do not believe this, read all these forum posts:






Franco Columbo

Need help getting out of your parking space? Call Franco!









Mariusz Pudzianowski

What's a feat of strength article without the 5X World's Strongest Man? Here are some highlights from his remarkable career.








Ghetto Training

Talk about using the enivornment as a playground!








One Arm Pullups

Check out this guy breaking the 2012 World Record doing the most one arm pull-ups in a minute.





Jaret Grossman- Founder of Muscle Prodigy

Jaret performs a 104 rep set of a 141 lb. squat (48 lb. plates) with no breaks in between at only 195 pounds bodyweight. Talk about a killer set!








Jack LaLanne

Jack Lalanne or, the godfather of fitness, has so many feats of strength. For his 80th birthday, he tugged 11 boats from Alcatraz to San Francisco with his feet shackled! Watch these push ups!

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