You Can Now Wear a Fitness Tracker On Your Face

Don’t like having a fitness tracker on your wrist or in your pocket? You can now wear one just like you’d wear a normal pair of sunglasses.

Radar Pace is just one example of a new kind of fitness wearable, but it’s the coolest one we’ve seen so far. From the outside, they look like any other pair of sunglasses. Slide the built-in earbuds into your ears and connect to the companion app on your phone. It’s a better way to monitor your progress while you work out.

These glasses can do a few different things while you’re on the go. They can serve as a source of audible motivation when you’re struggling. It also keeps track of and updates you on all the things you’d expect any good fitness tracker to do, like heart rate, pace, distance and time. What makes Radar Pace different is that it uses the data it tracks from your workouts to create customized cycling and running workouts to help you maintain and improve your performance.

Basically, Radar Pace is like a virtual coach, always there to talk you through your workouts and push you closer to your limits. And it probably looks pretty good on you, too.


MP’s Take: Unlike most fitness trackers, which you usually have to glance at if you want to know how you’re doing, Radar Pace is voice-activated. You’re a real-life Tony Stark wearing these things. Ask it whatever you want to know and you’ll get an instant answer. Not having to glance down in the middle of biking or running makes makes outdoor workouts safer. And they look much more like normal sunglasses than Google Glass did. People won’t even be able to tell your glasses are talking to you. You can focus on your workout, pushing yourself and monitoring your progress while still paying full attention to your surroundings. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us. As long as you have an extra $450 lying around, that is.



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