Coming Soon: Work Out Like a Marvel Superhero

In need of some unique motivation to work out and get back into strength training? It’ll cost you, but if you’re a Marvel fan, you’ll find it worth your while.

Starting this October, you can purchase Marvel-inspired workout equipment to get in shape just like your favorite heroes. Well … sort of.

Back in June, fitness brand Onnit announced it would be teaming up with Marvel to launch Marvel Hero Elite Series, a new line of workout equipment. So far, we’ve seen photos and video footage of Captain America barbell plates (painted to look like his shield, of course) and kettlebells that look like Iron Man’s helmet. Here’s a video from Onnit.



MP’s Take: There’s still no official release date, but there’s video proof this is a real thing. The Marvel Report gives “sometime in October” as a time frame for when we can expect Marvel Hero Elite Series to launch, so cross your fingers and get ready for some seriously epic strength training. You can sign up on Onnit’s website for updates. Honestly, anything that gets you lifting is 100 percent worth it. They’re just barbells and kettlebells, but who knows? They might be enough to motivate you to train even when you don’t want to. You never know until you try.



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