How to Use Plyometrics to Enhance Your Fitness Training

Plyometrics is a strength-building, high-intensity form of exercise that requires almost no equipment. It can also be done from anywhere, gym or living room. Because it’s a quick and intense way to work your lower body, you might be wondering how to incorporate it into your already-existing workout regimen. Learn how you can use plyometrics to enhance your fitness training.


To work your muscles a little bit more without adding too much more time to your regular training, you can add a little bit of plyometrics either at the beginning or end of your usual workout. Adding just one low-rep set at the start or finish of your training can make a huge difference, as it works your muscles physically while also training your mind to focus on your technique instead of worrying about number of reps. Keep your plyo reps on the low side to avoid unnecessarily overworking yourself.


Plyometrics workouts are intense. If you want to, you can pretty much dedicate an entire training session to plyo alone. It’s great for both muscle building and fat burning, so you can get a lot out of plyo sets in less time than a typical cardio or strength workout. Each plyo “set” is made up of only a few reps. The goal is to perform the moves as quickly and “explosively” as possible. Keep your heart rate up by giving yourself a 90 second break between sets. Go until you can really feel it in your legs and butt – but try not to push too far beyond that. Don’t hurt yourself.

In some cases, quick and intense is best. You might be hesitant to try a new kind of workout, but remember that variety is the key to a successful training plan. It’s actually pretty fun once you’re used to getting your feet off the ground (literally).



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