Crazy Full Body Circuit Routine to Get Shredded

Crazy one week training workout routine

This is very taxing on the body and incredibly difficult to perform, but will provide incredible results. Each workout will last under an hour in the gym while getting some incredible cardio in at the same time. This is actually a workout routine that Andy Whitfield did to create his incredibly ripped body for Spartacus. So glad to hear he is doing well from his cancer recovery.

This is a great workout that will work on strength, explosiveness, and power in addition to bringing great detail throughout your whole body. You’re really going to lean out with this routine because of the high intense nature and the two exercise sessions each day. You really want to test yourself on each set and do as much weight as possible for each exercise while still maintaining perfect form (doing a full range of motion). Also, you want to stay within the time frames and work with as much intensity as you possibly can.

The Andy Whitfield Spartacus Workout is a 41 minute full body circuit workout. It consists of 10 different exercises, each performed for 1 minute, with 15 seconds of rest between exercises. He supposedly performed 3 total rounds of this 10 exercise circuit, with 2 minutes of rest in between rounds. He used a moderately heavy pair of dumbbells in each of these exercises:

1. Goblet Squat
2. Mountain Climbers
3. Single Arm Dumbbell Swing (30 seconds each arm)
4. T-Pushups
5. Split Jumps
6. Bentover Dumbbell Row
7. Side Lunge and Touch (30 seconds each side)
8. Renegade Row (alternating arms)
9. Forward Lunge and Twist 10. Dumbbell Overhead Press

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