Crazy 7’s Full Body Routine

A lot of people have a false perception of how fit they are. There really isn’t a standard measuring stick, so we try to develop workout routines that will see how fit you really are. To see how mentally tough and physically strong you are, we have the perfect full body workout that covers every body part for you to measure and test your physical fitness, strength, endurance, speed, stamina, power, and mental toughness.

You can break each exercise up into as many sets as you need (if you cannot complete each exercise in the designated amount of reps in one set), but the idea is to try to complete each exercise in as little time as possible. However, what you are not supposed to do, is break out of form or complete the rep as fast as you can using any momentum. Form is always paramount and if you don’t keep that in mind when youa re performing this workout, you are simply wasting your time.


Complete the following back to back without any rest in between sets and make sure each is done with a full range of motion:

Make sure you warm up properly before performing this routine.

1) Back Squats
  • 315 lbs. 7 reps, 225 lbs. 7 reps, 135 lbs. 7 reps
2) Bench Press
  • 225 lbs. 7 reps, 185 lbs. 7 reps, 135 lbs. 7 reps
3) Deadlifts
  • 315 lbs. 7 reps, 225 lbs. 7 reps, 135 lbs. 7 reps
4) Pull-Ups
  • 40 lbs. weighted 7 reps, 20 lbs. weighted 7 reps, unweighted 7 reps
5) Dips
  • 60 lbs. weighted 7 reps, 30 lbs. weighted 7 reps, unweighted 7 reps
6) Snatch and Press
  • 155 lbs. 7 reps, 135 lbs. 7 reps, 95 lbs. 7 reps
7) Burpees (Sprawl, Climb Back up, & Jump High for 1 rep)
  • 21 reps
8) Wind Sprint
  • 400 meters
  • 1 minute sprint on treadmill at 12mph at level 10 incline


This is a ridiculously exhausting routine. It takes everything out of you. Try to complete this routine as fast as you can, meaning taking as little rest as possible between each exercise.

I weighed 198 pounds when doing this, so adjust the weights if you cannot perform these weights with good form (if you guys call yourself in shape though, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem). Try to complete it in under 20 minutes to call yourself a Muscle Prodigy. Good luck guys.

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