Top 10 Hottest Fitness Models

While pretty much every fitness model doesn’t make it into the industry unless they are hotter than the morning sun, we’ve ranked the hundreds of girls you or I will never get our hands on down to the top 10. Here are the top 10 hottest and sexiest female fitness models with the prettiest faces and the best bodies in the fitness industry, in order. Our criteria basically consists of face first, and then revolves around a perfect proportion of the proper curvatures and a skinny bitty itty waist. Not only do these girls have incredible looks, but they are fitness fiends and sports lovers which makes them that much sexier. A girl that has a waist half the size of yours, yet can bench as much as you is just ridiculously attractive.

10. Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee is one of the world’s most accomplished fitness models who happens to also have launched a career as an actress and author as well. She is perhaps best known for losing over 70 pounds, who saw herself get up to 200 pounds in weight. Since, JNL was named Ms. Muscle & Fitness in 2006 and has a countless number of published works in addition to her dedicated website. JNL has appeared on Oprah, The Early Show, and Inside Edition. She has helped millions take positive action in their own lives, leading by example.

9. Mary Castro

This 5’7″ knockout grew up in a small quiet suburb of Los Angeles and jumpstarted her career through her voice before eventually following her dreams to model and act. Mary took up acting lessons to appear in roles such as Must Love Dogs, Cellular, Domino, XXX: State of the Union, CSI, Entourage, Will & Grace, and Las Vegas. Her measurements are 36D-25-36 and is of Irish, French, Spanish, and Mexican descent.

8. Dianna Dahlgren

Miss Supercross Dianna Dahlgren is a super hot model promoting for the likes of Monster Energy and an IFBB Bikini Pro to go along with it. Perhaps what makes her so sexy is that she is not only a fitness competitor, but she rides a motorcycle to perfectly complement her nickname. At 5’7″ and 134 lbs., she can lift more than 90% of the guys reading this who have an extra 60 pounds on her. Girls want to be her and guys want her to be theirs. There’s not much else to say when talking about this drop dead gorgeous girl.

7. Nicole Moneer Guerrero

This 38 year old has been around the industry for a long time, appearing in dozens of magazines like FLEX, MuscleMag, Fitness Rx, and Oxygen, mainly as the leading model for major corporations like VPX, CVS, LA Tan, SPRI, and AT&T. She looks half her age, just earned her IFBB Pro card in 2010, and is a spokesmodel for Not only does this girl have all the looks in the world, but she’s got the brains too, being a NASM personal trainer, AFAA group-exercise instructor, IPPA CPS, Zumba, TRX, Power Plate and Pilates certified. Nicole Moneer is a dedicated fitness model and a role model who all girls should strive to be.

6. Kiana Tom

Kiana Tom is probably the most famous female fitness model on this entire list of beauties. A television host, fitness expert, author, actress, and businesswoman, Kiana has tried everything and succeeded in all of the above and everything in between. The part Hawaiin/Chinese/Irish beauty was the star and founder of the hit fitness series Kiana’s Flex Appeal on ESPN and the recipient of the US Sports Academy Award. The Oakland Raiders cheerleader was featured nude in Playboy and starred beside bad boys Jean Claude Van Damme, Michael Jai White, and Bill Goldberg in hit movie Universal Soldier 2: The Return. You’ve probably seen Kiana Tom in Eminem’s music video “Without Me” and probably on dozens of book covers when you did your last walkthrough of Barnes & Noble. They say don’t judge a book by its cover…well, I certainly like what I see and digging deeper..there’s not much I dislike.

5. Jennifer England

This Michigan born and raised girl is a true “tomboy”. This blonde bombshell modeled for Guess only after she was a simming and a softball star. That sporty childhood made for an easy transition into action roles such as Transfomers, G-Force, Fast and Furious, Smokin Aces, Dodgeball, and on Ripe TV’s new mixed martial arts show called XARM. The 1998 Miss Hawaiian Tropic Girl also won the 2001 Venus Model Search.

4. Jelena Abbou

This Serbian-born model is one of the hottest models to ever walk this earth. She has been featured in magazines like Oxygen, FLEX, and Muscle & Fitness Hers, as well as been a spokesmodel for companies like Panasonic, Fahrenheit Fat Burner (see video below) and the AB Coaster. She is also an IFBB Fitness Pro and a personal trainer, winning several competitions like the 2004 Natural Atlantic Coast INBF Pro, the 2003 INBF Natural Monster Mash, and the 2004 WBNF Worlds Pro Natural Figure. Her measurements are 34-24-34, but her best asset is her absolutely flawless face.

3. Cori Nadine

Cori Nadine is hands down the most popular fitness model on the internet, being featured in several porn films and who worked with Playboy back in the 90’s. She is the first girl who actually showed that you can work out and sport a somewhat muscular body with abs, yet still look feminine and super sexy. Nadine is super busty at 38-25-36, and was able to make a huge comeback in 2004 showing off some amazing pics like always. Nadine is Philippino, Irish, and Navajo Indian. An amazing looking woman who doesn’t have to pay income taxes? Now, that’s a keeper.

2. Mindi Smith

This 27 year old just received IFBB Fitness Pro status and has measurements of 34-24-34 to make up one of the best bodies in the industry. The overall winner of the 2009 IFBB USA NAtionals Figure Championships and 2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro has a unique set of diverse skills that have landed her on shows including Entourage and Spike TV’s MANswers. She was also in a commercial for AXE Body Spray, plus has been featured in several DVD’s, and a ton of magazines and catalogs. She is a spokesmodel for Nutrigenix Nutrition, Designer Whey Protein, and ProSource/Supreme Protein, and is the host of LaMuscle.TV. Perhaps nothing is more sexier than the fact that she trains at the most hardcore gym in the country: Gold’s Gym in Venice, Calif. You probably couldn’t keep up.

1. Marzia Prince

And our Number 1 girl should not come as a surprise if you’ve seen any of her pictures before. This blonde bombshell is the definition of perfection and the biggest distraction of them all. She has a gorgeous face, perfect body, brains to go with it, a girl who played multiple sports in high school, a weightlifter who has more certifications than Joe Weider, and someone we can all follow training and nutrition advice from since she’s dieted down to win several bikini championships. Does it get any better than this? I’m not sure a more perfect girl exists fellas. This 5’9″ southern belle is a spokesmodel for Gaspari Nutrition and is the hottest girl in the game hands-down. You’ve seen her in dozens of magazines like Iron Man, Muscle and Fitness, American Curves, Fitness Rx, Muscular Development, and Planet Muscle and you’ve done a double take to drool over her in every single one of them.

Marzia Prince

Honorable Mentions include Alicia Marie, Melissa Hall, Carmen Garcia, Amber Nimedez, Noemi Olah, Annette Milbers, Nicole Wilkins Lee, Amy Fadhli, Amanda Carrier, Christina Lindley, Jamie Eason, Natalie Hunt, Amber Elizabeth, Melyssa Grace, Marisa Miller, and Ashley Lawrence for the hottest and sexiest girls with the best bodies in the fitness industry…

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