Tony Robbins – How to Focus

Top motivator and peak performance strategist Tony Robbins has inspired 50 million people from over 100 countries including the likes of Randy Couture and the Los Angeles Kings. Here is a rare seminar with Tony Robbins, in which he shares some invaluable insight on how to focus and how it is the key to success. To focus, you need to create a clear and compelling future in that area that will pull you towards what you really, really want. This is similar to the law of attraction. Tony Robbins believes that 80% of success is your psychology, your belief system. The delivery and execution is only 20%. That means that your mind is what is carrying you to succeed. For instance, the game winning shot in basketball is usually determined even before it is taken. Why? This has to do with whether your mind is fully focused towards the basket going in and having the utmost confidence and faith in your ability. If you aren’t focused, you will never succeed.

You need to battle the inner conflicts, unlock them, and unleash them so that you can totally focus and commit towards what you need to do. Your old blueprints, such as bad habits, misleading thought processes, and what others want you to do with your life need to be eliminated so you can go after what is most important to you. You need to fully focus on what you need to accomplish.

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