Heart of Bodybuilding

This video is about the heart of bodybuilding, the dedication and hard work that goes into the sport. This video, brought to you exclusively by MuscleProdigyTV (subscribe to us on YouTube), really encompasses bodybuilding as not only a sport, but as a lifestyle. You can pinpoint the use of performance enhancing drugs and steroids that some bodybuilders may resort to, but even such drugs don’t make or break the athlete’s lifestyle. It goes way beyond that: every rep, every set, every meal must be accounted for nearly every single day. Bodybuilders eat and breath bodybuilding and their sport doesn’t just stop in the gym; it’s in any facet of life. Just watch the speech with Dave Polumbo and bodybuilder Jason Huh and you can see all the blood, sweat and tears they put into the sport. Great video and true motivation.

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  • It’s Time

  • It’s All on You

  • The Process Creates the Prize

  • Give to Receive

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