Tom Brady Workout

Tom Brady’s workout training routine focuses on weights four days per week during the NFL season. According to an interview with, Brady works out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. During his routine, Brady takes off Wednesday, Saturday, and Sundays. Rest is physically necessary so that the muscles can repair, rebuild, and strengthen. Not to mention, Brady is probably very sore and banged up from all the games he plays. Rest is extremely important for him. These three days off from weights can do more good than bad. He also does 40-60 minutes of cardio six days per week in order to improve his conditioning.

Brady constantly changes up his cardio training to keep his body guessing so that he can build even more cardiovascular and muscular endurance. He uses a variety of machines like the stepper, precor, as well as some running. In the off-season, Brady does cardio six days per week for 40-60 minutes per day; however, he does even more running than he does in-season. In the off-season he also focuses on more strength training. He increases his workout sessions 25% longer since his body isn’t sore and beat up from the NFL season.

To improve his mobility on the field and to evade pass rushes, he does a lot of drills involving shuffling, sliding, and jump roping. He also does footwork drills to improve his coordination as well as hand eye coordination drills. It appears as though he does boxing too.

In terms of his diet, Brady always tries to eat clean healthy meals and tries to consume enough protein, fruits, vegetables, granola, and nuts from natural foods. He also takes his daily vitamins as well as protein shakes and protein bars.


Back in 2000, the Patriots took Brady with the 199th pick. Many pro scouts didn’t think Brady had the proper NFL body and skill to be a dominating QB in the NFL. Look at how much he has grown over the years since his days at Michigan.


Look how far Brady has come from the picture above. Not only in terms of physique, but a man who is now considered one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. The 199th round pick from Michigan burst onto the NFL scene and has never looked back since.



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