Blake Griffin Workout

Blake Griffin’s workout and training routine is done almost exclusively outside to adjust to unstable weights or surfaces. Along with his brothers, the 6’10, 250 lb. Griffin works out with renowned San Francisco-based trainer Frank Matrisciano, known as the “mysterious trainer” to many.


Griffin’s trainer has a mysterious nature to him.


Matrisciano is not your typical trainer. In fact, he wears a mask to hide his face from the general public because he doesn’t like the spotlight. He doesn’t advertise his services. Instead, mostly all his clients are through word of mouth referrals. His clients include military personnel, martial arts aficionados, members of California’s upscale crowd, and professional athletes. Matrisciano particularly garners the attention of basketball players, his strongest niche of athletes that he puts through a workout and training routine. What makes Matrisciano even more unique is that he doesn’t believe in relying heavily on conventional weight training. Rather, he focuses on using nature’s surroundings to get the best of a workout.


Griffin was featured in Men's Health magazine due to his ripped physique. At 6'10 and 250 lbs., he can move and jump as good as anyone. His body speaks volumes to the way he trains.

Griffin was featured in Men’s Health magazine due to his ripped physique. At 6’10 and 250 lbs., he can move and jump as good as anyone. His body speaks volumes to the way he trains.


Griffin has a shredded body. He does a lot of running on sand, which translates into more calories being burnt and a leaner body.

When the two train together, Matrisciano would make Griffin mainly train on sand for his workout. He would say, “If you can run up a 60 degree incline in sand with a 60 pound weight vest then running 94 feet down the court on a flat surface should be easy.”

Training on sand provides many benefits for Griffin. He develops more strength in his lower body running on sand. Since the sand shifts beneath him as he runs, Griffin’s ankles, arches, and calves are much more engaged and will become stronger in the process. This can explain why Griffin has a powerful 37-inch vertical jump. In addition, sand training improves balance because the uneven sand surface activates nearly all the muscles in the body, which will result in more strength and fluidity of motion. Also, running on sand puts less impact on the joints and muscles as the feet hit the sand. Also, studies show that people who run or walk on sand burned between 1.2 and 1.8 times more calories per mile on each run, which can explain why Griffin has such a lean and muscular physique.



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