The Best Beans for Obtaining Soluble High Fiber

Soluble fiber is important in a healthy diet because it partially dissolves, providing a gel coating for the intestines. Fiber is a key element in maintaining colon health, stabilizing blood sugar and lowering cholesterol. It also is crucial for making you feel fuller so you can hit weight loss goals more easily.

Beans are an excellent source of dietary fiber as well as a good source of protein. The following ten varieties of beans provide the highest amounts of soluble fiber and contain at least 6.5 grams. Adding these beans to your nutritious diet will provide you with a healthy lifestyle, keeping you regular, making you feel better and stronger and helping you reduce weight. All fiber amounts are per a ½ cup serving.



Navy Beans (9.6 grams) – Navy beans are quite common, especially in the Northern U.S. where they are also known as Boston or Yankee beans. These fiber powerhouses make excellent additions to soups, chilies and salads. However, because of their high fiber content, Navy Beans are more difficult to digest than other beans containing less fiber.

Cranberry Beans (8.8 grams) – This bean from Italy isn’t commonly known, but it is a wonderful addition to soups and stews due to its nutty flavor and high fiber content.

Adzuki Beans (8.4 grams) – This small Japanese bean is easier to cook and digest than larger beans as well as having a sweet taste.

Lentils (7.8 grams) – Lentils are not actually beans, but still belong to the legume family. They cook more rapidly than normal beans and do not require soaking before cooking. They also provide a high source of fiber per serving.

Pinto Beans (7.7 grams) – These popular beans are often used in soups in the South as well as refried beans in burritos and other Mexican dishes.

Mung Beans (7.7 grams) – You are probably more familiar with these as Chinese bean sprouts. They are small, green beans which can also be used cooked in bean form.

Black Beans (7.5 grams) – Black beans are a staple of both Caribbean and Latin American cultures and are quite nutritious as well as being high in soluble fiber.

Lima Beans (6.6 grams) – These delicious beans are popular due to their buttery taste and smooth texture. The dried versions have the most fiber at 6.6 grams while green, immature Lima beans contain only 4.5 grams.

Red Beans (6.5 grams) – Red beans are most commonly used in the red beans and rice dishes of both Mexico and Cajun Louisiana.

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