10 Oatmeal Alternatives

Healthy carbs are important for any physical fitness enthusiast or serious bodybuilder and oatmeal is one of the best carbs to eat. Over time oatmeal may lose its appeal, so knowing some excellent substitutions for this great grain will help you gain more variety in your diet. Here are 10 alternative meal ideas for those that don’t want to eat oatmeal:

High Fiber Breakfast Cereals

Some of the commercial breakfast cereals you can find on the store shelves are a nutritious and healthy way to start or end your day. Fiber One and other cereals contain significant amounts of fiber and include many whole grain choices aswell. Avoid cereals that are high in sugars, including fructose and corn syrup.


Amaranth is often called a grain but it is actually a seed. Rich in nutrients and healthy carbs that can help you get better workout result, this amaranth is a perfect alternative to oatmeal. This seed has a flavor similar to nuts and it is mild in taste. It also contains a protein punch that makes it a great choice. You can include Amaranth in many baked goods or it can be cooked into a porridge or eaten plain. This food source provides 34 grams of good carbs in every serving, as well as 7 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein.

Wheat Berries

Wheat berries are considered one of the best choices if you are looking for a healthy carb and oatmeal substitution. This grain is full of fiber that will prevent hunger pangs and remove more fat from your system. The B complex vitamins that you get from wheat berries may help with digestion and provide extra energy to get you through the toughest workout. Numerous antioxidants also promote good health. One serving of wheat berries contains only 150 calories and yet 6 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, and whopping 32 grams of good carbohydrates.


Millet is a grain that is gluten free and contains a significant amount of healthy carbs. This makes it a good swap if you are sick of oatmeal but still want the benefits that healthy carbs can offer. Millet has high amounts of important minerals that protect bone health and provide better immune function. It also has 98 grams of good carbs, perfect for your workout efforts. A serving is one fourth of a cup dry which offers 2 grams of fat and roughly 180 calories. Millet also provides 6 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber in just one fourth of a cup.

gluten free grains


Buckwheat is a gluten free seed. It is also a very heart healthy choice that is high in fiber and protein and full of powerful antioxidants that promote good overall health and fitness. Large amounts of magnesium provided by buckwheat helps to keep cholesterol levels in check and there are only 1.5 grams of fat per serving.


Teff is a healthy carb choice that is packed with iron, calcium, and other nutrients.. This grain has a color that varies from light to dark and the color determines the flavor of the grain. Teff  comes in flavors such as chestnut and hazelnut and can be a delicious part of almost any recipe. Teff can be used raw or cooked into baked goods and is a great way to get the healthy carbs that your workout routines require.


Spelt supplies in large amounts zinc and manganese and is a nutty substitution for oatmeal with valuable health benefits. One fourth of a cup of dry spelt offers 32 grams of healthy carbs and 6 grams of protein with little fat and few calories. However this grain only offers 4 grams of fiber which is lower than what can be found in oatmeal. The nutty taste makes spelt a popular popular healthy carb choice.

Brown Rice

White rice is a poor dietary choice but brown rice can be an excellent substitution for oatmeal any time of the day. Brown rice is packed with phytonutrients and can be a great source of dietary fiber. However, when rice is processed the outer hull of each grain is removed which unfortunately decreases fiber and nutritional benefits. When brown rice is unprocessed one serving can have 4 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and 37 grams of healthy carbs. Brown rice has a mild flavor and can be mixed with almost any other foods or eaten alone.

Red and white quinoa grain in bowls


Quinoa has recently become more well known and is increasing becoming a more popular grain. Quinoa is often called a great protein source but this grain is also a good source of healthy carbs and other nutrients. Quinoa comes in many colors and tastes and it is high in lysine and isoleucine, important amino acids necessary for gains. With 7 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving may seem small, but one serving of quinoa also has around 30 grams of carbs.


Chickpeas can be a good oatmeal substitute if you want healthy carbs and some variety in your diet. These legumes have 35 grams of fiber and more than 38 grams of protein in a single serving. They are digested slowly so they stop any hunger pangs and keep you full for longer. Chickpeas are also very nutrient dense, reasonable in calories, and low in fat.







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