Study: Exercise Isn’t Enough – You Have to Eat Right, Too

A recent study revealed three key elements of successful dieting. Probably the most significant is the reminder that only when you eat right, along with exercise, will you see results.

The meta analysis looked at a number of studies on diet to find trends in past research. Reviewers found that those who focused on nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle were more likely to lose weight successfully.

Why does this happen? It has to do with the tandem effect of nutrition and fitness for weight loss. Changing your eating habits is really what is going to help you lose weight. Exercise is what’s going to keep you from gaining that weight back. So while physical activity alone won’t do you much good in the long-term as far as weight loss goes, it will help you keep weight off once you lose it.


MP’s Take: Making any kind of change is hard. Losing weight is hard. Gaining muscle mass is hard. Eating healthy, along with fitness, is probably one of the toughest changes you’ll ever have to make. Nutrition is difficult for people to grasp because results are never as fast as you want them to be. You can’t start eating fruit one day and notice a huge drop in your weight or hunger the next. It all takes time. That’s not what you want to hear when you ask what you can do to see results.

The reality is, that’s how all this works. You have to commit not only to fitness training, but your diet, too. Even when it’s hard. Even when it would be so easy to quit trying, just for one meal. If you focus on your diet, you might even find sticking to your exercise routine easier. You never know until you try.



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