Star Athletes Who Started with Home Workouts and How You Can Too

Most people believe that it takes a gym membership in order to achieve a proper workout routine. The belief is that all the quality equipment and fancy, sophisticated weigh machines at the gym will magically transform a life of unhealthy habits into one of high physical performance.

If you have access to all that professional equipment, it certainly can help with fine-tuning of your fitness program. However, with the cost of gym memberships rising, it can be an expensive burden to pay for a gym membership on a regular basis. So what are you to do? Give up on the idea of getting into shape?

There are gym alternatives and some very successful athletes were able to start building their bodies from home.

Star Athletes Who Started From Home

Fortunately, there are some star athletes who have been in a similar situation to draw encouragement from. Due to their starting out before all the fame and fortune, they had to use what they had at hand… most of which was raw courage and determination.

Instead of complaining about what they didn’t have, each of the following professional athletes began their path to athletic success by jumping in and developing a strong, physical foundation through strength training programs accomplished via home workouts.

Bo Jackson

This powerhouse of an athlete started out winning the Heisman Trophy in 1985 and went on to be successful in both professional football and baseball. Bo had amazing performances as a running back with the Los Angeles Raiders and as a left fielder and designated batter with the Kansas City Royals, the California Angels and the Chicago White Sox.

Growing Up: 

Bo grew up in the small town of Bessemer, Alabama and was the eighth child out of ten. His athleticism came to the surface during his high school years where he was a two-time 100 meter dash state champion, slammed 20 home runs in a 25 game season and rushed for 1175 yards as a senior running back.

Terrell Owens

A dominating NFL wide receiver, Owens has grasped several records including the most touchdowns and receiving yards. T.O. has also been selected for the Pro Bowl six times, playing for such teams as San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals.

Growing Up: 

Terrell grew up in a one-parent home in the small town of Alexander City, Alabama due to his parents divorcing when he was young. He and his three siblings were cared for by their mother and grandmother. T.O. was forbidden to play sports in any form until he entered high school. Once he was released, he excelled in various sports, becoming a top performing NFL receiver.

Lawrence Taylor

Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor spent his entire NFL career playing linebacker for the New York Giants. Considered to be one of the top defensive players of all time, Taylor has set numerous records and won various awards, including Defensive Player of the Year three times. Lawrence Taylor helped the Giants win championships in both Super Bowl XXI and XXV.

Growing Up: 

Lawrence was the middle of three brothers who grew up in Williamsburg, Virginia. He got a late start (at the age of 15) in playing football because he first focused on baseball. It wasn’t until his years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that started making people notice his football skills. Although considered a reckless player, Taylor set numerous University records, including the 1980 All-Atlantic Coast Conference and All-American Player of the Year.

Joshua Clottey

A professional boxer, Joshua Clottey stormed into the spotlight by winning his first twenty bouts as a welterweight, 14 of which were captured by knockout. He went on to win the African Boxing Union title in the welterweight class which eventually led to his taking the welterweight title away from Zab Judah in the 2008 IBF International championship bout.

Growing Up: 

Joshua Clottey was born in Accra, the rough capital and largest city in Ghana, moved to England and then, eventually, to the United States. He is one of three brothers, both of whom, Judas and Emmanuel, are also veteran boxers.

Kai Greene

Professional bodybuilder Kai Greene just came off of a 2011 win at the New York Pro Show. His love of visual art shows up in his bodybuilding career where he is often referred to as “the dancing bodybuilder” due to his entertaining dancing and gymnastics moves which he performs while flexing in competitions. Greene has proven himself to be an up and coming bodybuilding force to be dealt with through his numerous victories and impressive showings in the 2009 Mr. Olympia (4th), 2010 Mr. Olympia (7th) and 2011 Mr. Olympia (3rd).

Growing Up:

Kai had a troubled childhood growing up in Brooklyn, New York, becoming a ward of the state at 6 years old. After moving through various foster homes, a seventh-grade teacher encouraged him to take up weightlifting and bodybuilding. He started out passionately performing home workouts with occasional trips to the gym where his teacher was co-owner. Kai Greene won his first bodybuilding competition at the age of 14 and hasn’t looked back.

If these guys can reach stardom by starting with a home workout program then it can most certainly help you succeed with your fitness goals.

Getting Started with a Home Workout

Whether you want to do total home workouts or just want to supplement your fitness program from home, here are some tips to get you started.

Buy Home Exercise Equipment

If you have the space and a little extra money, purchasing various foundational pieces of exercise equipment for the home is far cheaper than paying reoccurring gym fees. As a matter of fact, a home gym, an elliptical trainer and few other small tools for performing total body workouts can be bought for around a year’s worth of gym fee cash. You then have that equipment to enjoy for years and can include additional items as you progress.

Bodyweight Exercises

There are various foundational strength training exercises which can be accomplished with only your bodyweight. Pushups, pull ups, dips, lunges, squats, leg raises, planks and numerous other exercises, along with variations of them, can all provide a powerful home fitness program.


Plyometrics also uses one’s own bodyweight only they add explosive moves which help to increase both muscle strength and reaction speed. Plyometric exercises include clap pushups, burpees, box jumps, stair jumps, jumping rope, etc.

Resistance Bands

Adding resistance bands to your home workout routine brings a whole new dimension into your home training program. By providing extra resistance to your various home exercises, you add muscle growth and strength. Practically any exercise can be modified for the better by adding an exercise band into the mix.

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