Should You Have Sex Before Or After A Workout?

Whether people should have sex before or after a workout is a popular question for those who are curious about the relationship between sex and fitness.

The Human Sex Drive

Sex is natural and the desire to have sex is also natural. Sex is largely an activity of the brain but there are hormones that influence and determine the desire as well as satisfaction of sex. While most animals have sex for procreation, human beings most often engage in sex simply for pleasure. Libido is the natural urge or desire to have sex. A person with high libido is able to become sexually aroused and to engage in healthy sex . The libido of a person is regulated by testosterone that pulses through the blood stream. Low testosterone levels in males may cause lack of sexual desire. If the levels of these hormones in your body are high, you will have a much higher urge for sex.

How Does Sex Impact Your Workouts?

There is a belief that sex can decrease testosterone levels in the body. This belief makes many athletes want to avoid sex for several days or weeks. The allegations that sex will cloud the mind, reduce the time of reaction, and effect overall performance has been going on for quite sometime. However, recent studies have revealed that this notion is simply a myth.

Findings From the Sports Science Study

FSN Sports Science conducted a study to determine how sex before or after a workout may affect performance. This study was purposely conducted to conclusively determine how sex alters our levels of testosterone and what effect the change has on workout performance. Sports Science producers sought the help of Chris Byrd, a heavyweight boxing champion who was asked to refrain from sex for one full week. After that one week, his fitness performance was tested. The levels of testosterone, strength of the legs, and punching power were also recorded. Byrd was then allowed to have as many sexual encounters with his wife as possible and requested to return for performance testing after sex.

Sex Before Workout May Improve Performance

According to the results, cardiovascular health remained constant before and just after sex. Surprisingly, the strength of legs and punching power improved after sex. The levels of testosterone also increased by 20% after Byrd had engaged in sex. Based on the results and findings of this study, it can be concluded that the performance of an athlete may be enhanced through sex. If you engage in sex before an intense workout or other strenuous performance, you can increase the levels of testosterone and you can at least maintain the same performance or even do better.

Evaluating the Effects of Exercise on Sex

Based on the Sports Science study findings, sex before a workout may actually increase the performance and muscle mass development because it can increase testosterone levels. There is need to evaluate another important factor that many people want to know: what effect do exercises have on sex? Studies have shown that exercise can improve sexual pleasure and power because of their effect of increasing flexibility, stamina and strength. The intense workouts will also keep you in good shape that members of the opposite sex desire in a sexual partner.



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