Preparation Wins

This is what a wise man once told me: Luck is the concept of preparation meeting opportunity. Why are the same few guys the best at their sport year after year? Luck has a certain element in sports, but luck wouldn’t give Tom Brady numerous Super Bowl titles and Peyton Manning numerous league MVPs. Sports, and life, is all about preparation and how much time you put in leading up to the big day.

A football game is never won in the 60 minutes during the game. It is won in the days, weeks, months, and years leading up to that matchup. It is won when you’ve practiced the situation that you’re going to be in over and over and over again until it becomes a habit. It’s when you’ve practiced enough plays to make running them second-nature. It’s when you’ve studied enough film to recognize any blitz package. It’s when you’ve ran enough 40 yard sprints to be the fastest guy in the league. It’s when you’ve done enough squats and deadlifts to truck over the defender when you have the opportunity to in the open field. It’s when you’ve made the choice to eat grilled chicken and oatmeal so you can be as lean as possible during game day and make that tenth-of-a-second-opening count. The best don’t just play like they are the best on Sunday, they prepare like they’re the best from Monday to Saturday, every single week- and that’s the very fact that makes them the best. Talent is overwhelmed by hard work. They are the hardest workers on the team: the first ones to enter the building in the morning, the last ones to leave, and the ones who give it their absolute all throughout every minute in between.

Life is the same way. As a lawyer, you’ll win your client’s case only when you studied the precedence and your arguments over and over and over again. If not, you don’t have a great chance. Prepare like you’re the best and you’ll be the best.

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