Plyometrics Workouts for Building Muscle

For a lot of guys, quick and intense workouts are favorable because they get the job done in less time. High intensity strength training such as plyometrics involves some of the most intense but also most rewarding workouts you can do both at the gym and at home. Here’s how plyometrics workouts can help you build and strengthen muscle in your workouts.


Plyometrics is A high-intensity form of strength training that mostly targets and strengthens your legs and glutes. It involves a lot of “explosive” jumping and plenty of squatting, so it’s not the best technique for beginners. Once you’ve developed a solid strength training regimen, though, adding plyometrics into the mix can become an effective alternative for regular weightlifting exercises.


Plyometrics workouts are really going to make your calves and quads burn, but that’s a good thing. That means you’re really pushing and challenging your leg muscles, which is how they grow and get stronger. The kind of movements you go through during plyometrics strengthen your most significant muscle fibers, which you don’t typically exercise as much in endurance-based workouts.


Here are some of the most effective plyometrics exercises you can try incorporating into your fitness training this week.

  • Box jumps – use your leg muscles to squat and jump on top of a box.
  • Depth jumps – starting on top of a box, jumping down into a squat and then immediately jumping as high off the ground as possible.
  • Plyo pushups – like your basic pushup, except you push yourself up off the ground.
  • Traveling pushups – in pushup position, place one hand flat on the ground and the other on top of a raised platform. When pushing up, switch sides so that the hand that was on the ground switches to the platform. Repeat.

If you need to switch up your training for a day or need to give your upper body a break, plyometrics workouts are great as long as you’ve built up enough strength to power through them. These workouts are quick, intense and rewarding. Give them time and lots of practice, and you’ll learn to love them.



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