Mohan Kumar Interview

How did a prank on someone spark your interest in fitness?

MK: The prank was on me. The girl said to me that I look so fat and ugly to look at. In addition, to it she also said that I look like her father. So I took this challenge and started doing research on nutrition and fitness. Challenge is the spark, which directed me to be a fitness guy.


Within two months of training, you lost over 70 pounds. How were you able to lose all that weight so fast?

MK: Well I have said before I did research on nutrition and it is true nutrition plays an important role in developing good physique. Its true bodies are developed in kitchen. So nutrition plays an important role to build good physique.


Your story was featured by Men’s Health magazine. What did this mean to you?

MK: I am lucky enough that story was published by an International Magazine Men’s Health. This story is the starting point of my fitness life. I want to motivate others and this is the best way to spread my story to everyone. I wanted to show the people if I can do this you could too.


How do you keep your motivation everyday?

MK: I keep my motivation high by focusing on my target, by reading comments on my pictures and messages in my Facebook. Most people comment that I want to be like you or some says that you are my Idol or Role Model. They have some expectation, and I don’t want to ruin their expectation. This keeps my motivation and dedication so high everyday. Every day I wake up and I just think one thing that no matter what I want to achieve my target and want to give my best every time.

2339Have you competed in any fitness competitions or do you plan on doing so?

MK: Yes first I was in Bodybuilding and was competing in this category. I won several award. I secured 2 place State Championship, got 4 place in Federation cup, got 2 place in Youth Men’s Christian Association. Then I switch to Men’s Physique category. I competed in Riga, Latvia in 2013. Now I am preparing for Men’s Physique in Championship that will be on 19 April 2014.


Do you believe that strength and size are correlated or can you build strength without size and vise versa?

MK: I do not agree with this. I have seen people, which almost no size and lifting so much weight, and seen those people too with huge size but cant lift more. Genetics plays an important role and nutrition, supplementation too.


What is your go-to food that you always find yourself eating to fuel your gains?

MK: Lean Meat (Turkey, Chicken, Beef) and my Supplements which includes ( Protein, BCAA etc).


Take us through your typical day in the gym. What time do you usually get to the gym and finish your workout. What types of training philosophies do you live by?

MK: I usually go early morning because my body is ready to lift after a long rest. Well while doing workout I don’t care what time it is. I don’t take much rest in between the sets. I do two body parts at a time (Superset) to have effect on both the body part. I work on one big muscle and on small muscle. Philosophy about training is to give rest to every body part and don’t neglect any weak point; in fact make that weak point the stronger point.

2347What’s your favorite exercise to do and why?

MK: My favorite exercise is Arm, because my arms grow fast and in this industry you need to have big guns to roll.


What do you like to do in your free time?

MK: I like to read, like to meet people, reply all the messages from friends or unknown guys who are demotivated and try to motivate them to achieve their dreams.


What are your future goals both personally and professionally?

MK: Professionally I see myself famous in the Fitness industry and personally I need to be fit, spread love and motivate others.

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