Meet ‘America’s Best Looking Couple’

Buck and Michelle Miller claim to be America’s best looking couple. To maintain their “perfect” image, the couple spends nearly $80,000 a year. They frequently spend money on manicures, pedicures, haircuts, tanning, gym memberships, clothes, make-up, supplements, meals, competitions and coaches. Their Las Vegas home is covered with mirrors so they can constantly see their reflections and they even have portraits of themselves on almost every wall.

‘Without a doubt we are America’s best-looking couple – that’s a fact – hands down,” said Buck. The pair met each other at a bodybuilding competition in 2012.

Buck, 27, is an amateur bodybuilder who hits the gym three times a day. He confesses he cannot walk past a mirror without looking at himself. Buck and Michelle constantly walk around their home in their underwear, so they can enjoy looking at themselves and each other.

Michelle, 33, is a nutritionist who turned to plastic surgery to enhance her looks with a 34D bust.

The couple eats six times a day and balance their carbs, proteins and fats with “scientific” rigidity.

“If someone tries to insult me by telling me I’m vain, I tell them to take off their shirt and I’ll take off my shirt and ask them to repeat what they just said,” he said.



MP’s Take: They are certainly good looking but I am sure many of us can name many people better looking than them. Calling yourself the best looking is purely subjective. There is no right or wrong answer. Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way. This is truly conceited to the utmost extreme. I guess whatever makes them happy…




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