Man Pulls Boeing 777 With Only a Rope

In a feat of incredible strength, 44-year old strongman Franz Mullner pulled a 142-ton Austrian Airlines Boeing 777-200 aircraft a distance of a whopping 47.5 feet, using only a rope attached to his back and his own power. Taking place in Vienna, Austria, the entire pull was captured on film for the whole world to see and to enjoy, reeling in the awe of this man’s strength.

Take a look at the amazing video for yourself:

Even with the video being in German, there is no need for translation; Franz’s pull does it justice.

Simply amazing.


MP’s Take: I’m at a loss for words. I don’t even know how something like that could be physically possible without hurting yourself to pieces, but Franz’s strength is absolutely admirable. You can see how much energy it took out of him with him falling to the ground at the end, but then he gets back up like a champ as if nothing happened to talk to the reporters right after. So cool. I think it’s safe to say: Kids, don’t try this at home.

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