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I’m sure I was just like you. I got frustrated with my gym routine. I was very busy with my career and also went to school. I had other interests and hobbies other than just working out. I wanted to spend more time with my family and friends. I just couldn’t find the time to balance my life with my gym schedule. I didn’t want the gym to be confusing and overwhelming. That’s essentially why I created MP45. This program maps out an easy to follow plan that outlines every workout to do in the gym and every meal to eat in the kitchen. You can follow all the routines on your phone. It’s that simple.

Before I start talking more about MP45, let me tell you a little bit about my story growing up. My name is Jaret. In high school, I was a scrawny kid who didn’t have any strength. I was even bullied. I wanted to actually be someone who was strong, athletic and could stand up to people, especially those bullies. That’s why I decided to join a gym.

My biggest problem was the lack of direction in the gym. As a beginner, I just had no idea what to train and why I was doing specific exercises over others. Personal trainers are just too expensive. Fitness classes are also expensive and they mainly focus on cardio with a lack of proper weightlifting. I wanted to go at my own pace. I did endless amounts of trial and error over the years to see what worked best for my body.

To make a long story short, I worked extremely hard to get to the place I am now. I buried myself in tons of fitness magazines, trained alongside some of the world’s top athletes and bodybuilders at the gym, and got my personal training certification. I became a top high school wrestler in the state of New York and later wrestled in college where I was a 3X collegiate All-American, becoming one of the best wrestlers in the country.

After college, I wanted to spend the rest of my career helping others change their lives for the better. I started up a small blog called Muscle Prodigy with my childhood best friend Richie Allen. Five years later, Muscle Prodigy has become one of the more popular fitness brands in the world with a large fitness website and millions of social media followers.

I am now 200 pounds with 6% body fat all year round. You see so many fitness models and program creators doing performance enhancing drugs to build their physiques. There’s so many people on Instagram these days that showcase their bodies but aren’t all-natural. I only take basic supplements like whey protein powder and multivitamins. I am proud to call myself 100% all-natural.


This is what I look like all year long. All-natural results without resorting to drugs or any major supplements.

This is what I look like all year long. All-natural results without resorting to anabolic enhancing drugs.


I want to use my influence to inspire beginners and even the most experienced athletes to keep healthy and get in shape the all-natural way. Joining a gym is the best first step you could do. You made the decision. Now, it’s actually about maximizing your time when you’re there.

This a truly amazing stat: About 80 percent of men and women who join a gym quit within five months. Now, why is that? They got turned off. Why? Because they either had no idea what they were doing or felt overwhelmed by a program. If you have no idea what you’re doing at the gym then you obviously need plans that show you what to do. If you are following a random plan, you will most likely get overwhelmed and quit. As I showed you, the stats don’t lie.

I don’t want you to quit. That’s why I took this into account when creating a gym workout program. Most programs expect you to perform super athletic and advanced workouts on the very first day. You can’t do this! You need to slowly progress the person to perform more advanced workouts. MP45 is a built off a gradual progressive approach. You start off the plan doing basic exercises with small tweaks in your routine. As the training routines progress, you will do more and more advanced types of workouts. You are slowly training your body to adapt to these more intense workouts, which will build more muscle, burn more fat, and keep you feeling healthy. To make an analogy, you can’t just throw someone into a pack of wolves and expect them to survive. You need to take things slowly. If you slowly guide someone through, he or she is much more likely to stick with the plan. I rarely ever speak with someone who quit MP45. They stick through it for the entire 45 days because the program knows how to properly progress someone over time. Your body will never adapt to the gym training because you are constantly doing newer workouts based off your increased fitness level.

Once you train your body in the beginning stages of the program, you’ll start incorporating High Intensity Stimulation Training to build muscle and burn fat at a much faster rate. This combines the training of bodybuilders, powerlifters, and elite athletes to create the ultimate gym workout experience. These top rated muscle building routines are ideal for anyone who wants to get jacked, get ripped, lose weight and finally get those six pack abs! You’ll quickly lose fat off your body. You’ll build muscle, get stronger, and become a better athlete. There’s a reason thousands of people love MP45. Because it works!


Also, it’s very important to create a realistic meal plan to follow. Most people don’t follow a meal plan because it requires you to eat clean every single meal of every single day. You need to eat a cheat meal once in a while. These meals allow you to indulge in your favorite type of food without having to worry about it being unhealthy. Enjoy your pizza or pasta. Eat those cookies. As long as you’re eating healthy for a majority of the time, these cheat meals can actually help your cause. They can increase your metabolism so you can burn even more calories for weight loss and become an ideal way to lose fat. A frequently strict diet will eventually cause your metabolism to slow down since you are consuming fewer calories than usual. Your body will adapt quicker than you think. Eating cheat meals once in a while will give your metabolism a much needed increase in calorie burning capabilities and provide you with more energy throughout the day, especially during your gym workout.

Most importantly, eating a cheat meal will help you psychology and teach you discipline. For example, knowing that you have a cheat meal on Sunday will keep you strict throughout the whole week. Once Sunday hits, you’ll be proud of yourself for following through with your pledge of clean eating. You can finally enjoy your cheat meal without feeling guilty and knowing it won’t have any negative effect on your body.

The meal plans listed in MP45 provide you with the best foods when it comes to muscle building, fat loss, and general health. You’ll learn how to follow an easy diet and be healthy on a budget. You’ll save so much on your grocery bill once you know how to eat cheap and healthy food.

If the program and my credentials don’t convince you to try MP45 then just look at all the amazing success stories of people who did MP45. These are real people just like you. In addition, some of the world’s most popular fitness celebrities and athletes endorse MP45 because they believe in the program. Ronnie Coleman, known by many as the greatest bodybuilder of all time and 8X Mr. Olympia, believes this is a great plan to follow. Also, professional football player Devin McCourty puts his name to MP45 because he knows it’s truly a legit program if you want to improve in your sport. Mariza Prince is another fitness model believing in the benefits of the program. You can even check out the Jen Selter workout video, in which she does the workout routines found in the program. Jen Selter has millions upon millions of Instagram fans. The MP45 Jen Selter workout video only shows a few of the many types of routines you’ll find in the program. You can also see our Michael Ray Garvin workout video as well, another athlete who did the gym routines. The list goes on and one.

I hope you decide to try MP45 and be prepared to see incredible changes with your body and mentality. Many people believe this is the best fitness gym program on the market for a reason. Give it a try today. If you start MP45 today, you’ll be finished in 45 days and you’ll look better than ever. I look forward to welcoming you to the MP45 family! GET STARTED TODAY!

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