Surprising Benefits of Long Distance Running

We all know some of the most common sense benefits of long distance running: Things like improving cardiovascular health and efficiency, getting into better overall physical shape, and toning entire body muscles, just to name a few.

But, recent findings have been showing that running can do more for the body and the mind than just what is mentioned above.

Take a look at these 4 positive effects to long distance running:

Better Knees

If you want to protect yourself from possible knee injuries down the road, especially if you are afraid of an injury like this, take up long distance running. Contrary to many misconceptions, long distance running has actually been found to be successful at preventing the onset of knee injuries by strengthening the knees and the surrounding muscles and structures, protecting the knee from possible harm or damage.

If you currently have knee pains, however, be sure to talk with your health care provider before beginning a new running or workout program.

Better Mental Health

Just like all forms of exercise, running stimulates your mental health in a positive manner, improving your emotions and centering your mind back into a state of peace thanks to the release of various chemicals in the brain as a result of exercising. The running process causes your body to physiologically release serotonin, a natural chemical that improves your mood.

Better Life Expectancy

It’s true: Runners tend to live longer overall than the general population who do not run. Likely based upon the tremendous care your body receives through exercise, if you want to live longer, then you might want to start lacing up your tennis shoes. Also, running has been shown to keep cancer away.

Better Hormones

If you are a male, running can help boost your testosterone levels with the possibility of improving your sperm count and increasing your sex drive. So if this is something important to you, go for a quality jog!


The benefits to exercise of any kind, like long distance running, are staggering. The truth still remains the same throughout any benefit: Regular exercise will help you more than you could have ever imagined.

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