Lady Gaga’s Workout

Lady Gaga does an effective weight and cardio workout routine 3-5 times a week in less than 30 minutes per workout. Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternack, who works closely with other celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys, and Vanessa Williams, formulates Lady Gaga’s body fitness and diet regimen.

With Pasternack’s guidance, Gaga does a 25-minute strength and cardio workout session. Working out 3-5 times a week and under 30 minutes keeps Gaga fit and prevents her from overtraining, especially when she couples that with all the dancing and performing she does.

Pasternack also puts Gaga through his famous 5-factor diet, which is three meals and two snacks daily that consist of low fat protein, fiber, healthy carbs, and fats. In addition, there is a sugar-free drink allowed with every meal. Every meal must contain 5 key ingredients: protein, fiber, healthy carbs, a healthy fat, and a sugar-free beverage.

Clients are allowed one diet “cheat day” a week and two days off from exercise. Cheat meals are actually important to have in a diet. A cheat meal, since it often means an excess of carbohydrates and calories, will serve to replenish some of your energy stores.

In addition, when you shock your system with a high amount of calories at once, the body’s metabolism will increase. With a cheat meal, you keep your body guessing as to what your daily caloric intake is, therefore allowing yourself to maintain a higher metabolism and to lose more weight. This regimen helps maintain Lady Gaga’s lean, toned, and defined figure.

You can see that Gaga is really fit for the amount of time she spends on the road. You need to be fit in order to perform to full potential. She does a lot of singing, dancing, and moving around. Paternack (pictured, right) really knows what he’s doing. He has the arms to prove it, not to mention, respect among the celebrity and fitness world.

Pasternack said, ”Lady Gaga has always been active, but about a year ago, she decided she wanted to have the best abs, legs and arms ever, so she stepped up her workouts.” He also went on to say, “Like most stars, she doesn’t have a ton of time, so when she is with me, she stays focused and never complains no matter how hard I push her.”

On a recent episode of the Today Show, Pasternack revealed that the secret to Lady Gaga’s abs were doing lots of crunches. He starts her on a basic crunch and then modifies that into reverse crunches, ending with a double crunch.

Crunches can be an effective way to build the core. Crunches help improve core strength and stability in addition to helping muscles that assist in activities like sitting, lifting, standing, and bending over. This can help you remain more functional in your everyday movements.

When Gaga is traveling, she packs a Harley Bar and a combination barbell dumbbell, which allows her to complete a workout in her hotel room. Even when traveling, you can still get a good workout as long as enough resistance is placed on the muscle.




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