Matthew McConaughey Workout

Matthew McConaughey’s workout and training regimen shows in his absolutely ripped body.

According to AskMen, the following is what he did to get in shape for his movie Sahara:

He does workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in superset form. Supersets are doing one exercise right after the other without any rest in between. This is a high intensity routine that involves minimal rest and ultimately increases hormone production and creates a highly anabolic environment to help you build muscle and burn fat.

On Tuesday and Thursdays, McConaughey picks between cardio machines at the gym or a sport of his choice, and keeps moving for 30 to 45 minutes, varying the intensity and pace. It is important to switch around your cardio routines so your body doesn’t specifically adapt to one movement. The more your body adapts to one particular movement or stimulus, the less likely it is to grow. You should fight off muscular adaptation by switching around the kinds of routines you do, whether it’s cardio or weight training. McConaughey makes sure he switches around both his cardio and weight training throughout the week as much as he can.

On the weekend he rests from physical activity. You should always give your body 1-2 days of full recovery during your training week to ensure your body is recovering. If you are constantly training then your body will never find the right time to rest. Your body rests outside the gym, not inside it!




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