How Water Positively Affects Weight Loss

Most people may not realize it, but drinking water can have positive effects on weight loss. Drinking adequate amounts of water during the process of losing weight helps to burn calories and meet your weight loss goals. Your system requires a good supply of water to function efficiently while the state of dehydration only works to hinder your body’s fat burning process.

Water and Burning Calories

Your body burns calories as fuel for performing daily tasks like breathing, walking, thinking, etc., as well as exertive tasks such as work and exercise. When calories are burned, the process leaves behind toxins that need to be washed from the body by water. When there isn’t a sufficient amount of water to flush out these toxins, it leads to a reduced blood volume. Low blood volume means less oxygen can be supplied to the muscles, resulting in lethargy and fatigue.


Water and Burning Fat

Another important role of water during weight loss is in burning fat. Water helps transport fat to the liver where the fat is converted into energy, which requires a good amount of water. The kidneys also require a great amount of water to function correctly. Therefore, when there isn’t enough water in your system for the kidneys to operate correctly, the liver kicks in to do the extra work. When the liver has to do the work of the kidneys, it diminishes its ability to process fat into energy and fat loss is hindered.

Water and Fiber

Dietary fiber is considered an important addition to a weight loss diet. Foods that are rich in fiber provide a steady, slow supply of sugar to the blood because they are low-glycemic, which helps to control appetite. The USDA recommends that for every thousand calories you eat, you should also consume 14 grams of fiber and more may be required during weight loss programs. Fiber is used to move excess fats and other waste out of your system while improving nutrient absorption and digestion. It also keeps you feeling full longer, which helps you cut down on snacks and meals.

Water and Exercise

We can all say with certainty that regular exercise is an important part of weight loss programs. Drinking plenty of water before, during, and after workouts has multiple benefits. Water keeps you hydrated so that you can sweat and cool down your system during exercise. It eliminates toxins and sodium buildup through regular sweating. Water ensures that sufficient oxygen, nutrients, and growth hormones are smoothly delivered throughout your body both during exercise and afterwards during the recovery process. Water lubricates the joints and increases muscle tone by allowing muscle fibers to contract easier, which reduces both muscle and joint soreness during exercise.

Amount of Water to Drink

Most experts advise drinking between six and ten 8 ounce glasses of water daily to maintain good health. However, the actual amount required is dependent on certain variables such as humidity, temperature, and diet. If you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in water content then you could drink less water. On the other hand, if you drink a lot of caffeinated drinks (coffee, soda, tea) then you may need to increase your water intake because these are considered to be diuretics which cause you to expel more water.

Water and Bloating

Many people are under the impression that drinking water causes bloating. However, this is not the case. Bloating comes from various elements and triggers within the body that cause subcutaneous water retention. Eating too much sodium, for instance, leads to water retention because excess sodium is stored in subcutaneous tissue and absorbs water. Dehydration can also trigger water retention because your body is threatened with a lack of water and is forced into survival mode so it stores more water in the subcutaneous tissue for later use.

Water and Weight Loss

Water is a vital part of successful weight loss. Therefore, make sure to drink sufficient amounts of water daily (especially before, during, and after workouts), eat plenty of water and fiber-rich foods, and reduce sodium intake. By keeping your body hydrated with the precious substance of water, you will help your body to more efficiently burn calories and fat, flush it of toxins, increase exercise results, and alleviate joint and muscle soreness.

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