Healthy Fats Do No Good If You’re Stressed

Recently we learned fat isn’t nearly as bad for us as sugar is. In fact, healthy fats are basically a staple in anyone’s healthy diet. There’s really only one thing that can ruin all the good things avocados, almonds and olives have to offer: stress.

New research out of Ohio State University suggests that being too stressed can actually cancel out the health benefits fats have in your diet. Women were given breakfasts high in fat several times per week and asked to report any stressful events in the day prior to each breakfast. Blood tests showed that women who experienced stressful events were not affected by the healthy fats they ate at breakfast. Stress, in a way, completely canceled them out.

Stress, in all its forms, can take a major toll on the body. That’s why it’s so important to really pay attention to the things in your life that make you feel physically and emotionally stressed. It’s often stress that causes us to turn to less healthy food choices – which usually isn’t a problem, unless we’re stressed all the time.



MP’s Take: So what’s the lesson here? Chill out! Seriously, though, stress can ruin pretty much everything for you. If you’re lucky enough to be able to still manage to eat healthy while stressed, it’s not actually going to make that much of a difference. People who are constantly overworked and overwhelmed end up with heart problems because the stress just becomes too much. You could be the healthiest person in the world when it comes to food and exercise, but if you’re chronically stressed, your body isn’t going to care. Why so stressed? Find ways to relieve tension when it all becomes too much, like working out and even meditation. Relax. You can do it.



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