Extra Energy Without Caffeine

Caffeine is a commonly used substance in order to gain more energy, but this may not be the best method to use if you want to see the best possible gains and get the most from your workouts and fitness activities. How can you get the high energy level that you need without using caffeine or products that contain large amounts of this substance? This may not be as hard as you think, and after you have given up caffeine for some time your body will thank you. In fact you may be surprised by the difference in your workouts and the results you achieve, not to mention how you feel.

There are many tips that can be found when it comes to energy boosters, and these can help you get the energy that you want in a healthier and less harmful way than caffeine. You will find some fitness products and nutritional substances that contain this substance in some amount, and it is added in order to provide a quick energy burst and improve alertness. You can choose other methods instead, so that you get additional energy without any of the drawbacks that caffeine can include. A fruit smoothie that uses fruits rich in nutrients can be a great way to start the day with a boost. Adding more complex carbs can also increase your level of alertness and help you get through even the toughest workout or daily schedule.

Get Plenty of Protein Every Day

Start the day off with a protein packed breakfast, and continue this theme throughout the day. Many people include refined carbs in the morning meal in the misguided belief that the temporary energy increase will last. The truth is that sugars may make you feel more energetic at first but then you may crash. Caffeine can have the same effect, and you could suddenly find yourself lethargic long before the day ends. Instead of a cup of coffee and a doughnut try some scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast, bacon or sausage, and a small glass of both milk and orange juice.

Choose Foods Rich in B Vitamins

Individuals who have low levels of vitamin B on a regular basis tend to be less energetic than those who get sufficient amounts of these vitamins. This essential nutrient can also affect your concentration and focus, and a deficiency may also cause you to become anxious or depression. If you are concerned about being deficient with other nutrients as well then you should take a multivitamin each day in order to meet your nutritional needs. Experts recommend taking this type of supplement with a meal that contains healthy fats, because this will help your body absorb and use the nutrients more efficiently.

Don’t Skimp on the Right Type of Carbohydrates

If you want to have higher energy levels then carbohydrates can help, but only if you eat the right type of carbs. Simple carbs offer quick energy but they do not last long, and you could end up crashing in the middle of the day. Complex carbohydrates do not cause the same insulin spike in the blood and they do not dissipate after a short time. It takes longer for these to be digested and this is why foods high in complex carbs will provide more energy for a longer period than a snack that is high in sugar and other simple carbs.

Stay Hydrated

Most of the population walks around slightly dehydrated, and if you workout frequently then you may be one of these individuals. Even being slightly dehydrated can sap your energy and cause you to feel lethargic and tired. A minimum of 64 ounces of water should be consumed each day and this does not take into consideration any training or other exercise that you perform during the day. If you are very active or you follow an intense workout schedule then you may need much more than 64 ounces each day. When your energy starts to flag try drinking a glass of water to see if that helps.

Make Enough Time for Sleep Each Day

It can be difficult to schedule enough time for sleep each night in the fast paced world today. Work, family, training, and other priorities and responsibilities usually eat up much of the day. You may find yourself tempted to skimp on your rest at night in order to make time for everything but this is a big mistake. If you cut your sleep shot then you could end up with less energy, and this may make caffeine especially tempting. Every individual has a different amount of sleep required. Some may only need 6-7 hours each night while others may not function well with anything less than 8 full hours of restful slumber.

Take a Multivitamin Each Day

Taking a multivitamin can help ensure that all of your nutritional needs are being met and prevent any deficiencies that could impact your energy level. If you are working out regularly you may not be getting the proper amounts and types of vitamins and minerals that promote high energy. Using a multivitamin and mineral supplement can prevent this situation and make you more energetic as a result.

Consider a Cold Shower

If you feel your energy ebbing away and you need a boost why not take a cold shower? This can be invigorating and will give you more energy. The coldness of the water causes your blood to circulate more quickly through the body and will make you more alert. A cold shower may be just as effective as a cup of coffee or another caffeinated choice after you wake up, and it will start you day off with a boost of energy that is refreshing.

Workout When You Least Feel Like It

When you feel worn down or you have had a stressful day the last thing you feel like is exercising or working out, but this step may be just what you need in order to increase your energy and relieve stress. When you workout or engage in any type of exercise your body releases endorphins and reverses the effects of stress. You will feel a boost of energy and you will feel better physically and mentally.







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