Derrick Rose Workout

Derek Rose’s workout training routine has had immense benefits on his athleticism, basketball skills, and physical body.

The 6’3, 190 lb. Rose uses the agility ladder to improve his quickness, agility, and overall foot speed. He executes each ladder exercise 6 times and ends each with a full-out sprint after the ladder to work on his acceleration. To improve on his vertical leap, Rose complements his double leg exercises with single-leg exercises. One-legged squats are his primary focus because this exercise helps him strengthen not only the muscles, but also the adjacent ligaments and tendons, which provides support for his knees. He also does leg presses and squats, exercises that help him build and maintain a strong lower body.

During the off-season, Rose spends a lot of his time working on his basketball skills. Rose is in the gym for 90 minutes in the morning and 60 minutes in the evening.

Rose’s works out with his trainer Rob McClanaghan on cardiovascular and ball handling exercises to enhance his ability to handle the ball when he is tired, attempting to mimic game-type situations. Rose takes nearly 400 basketball shots in a single workout. His trainer helps him work on his lateral movement, ball handling, creating shots off of various dribbles, and reading ball screens.



Rose uses bands to stretch him out before playing. Using bands like this utilizes a better range of motion and more fluidity in movement.


“It’s not how long you’re there,” McClanaghan said of Rose’s workouts in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. “It’s what you do when you’re there. The morning is much more intense. We try not to stop (moving) in the morning. Strength training in the weight room starts in a week or two, three to four days a week, two hours per session. They get tired and sore like anyone else but they push through it every time. They might be a little slower one day because they’re sore, but they still go as hard as they can.”

Rose’s diet aims at keeping his pre-game meals consistent. His favorite meal is grilled chicken with pasta or rice. After the game, he likes to keep it light, eating a turkey sandwich. He also likes to keep things simple and eat his daily pasta and rice, which contain a significant amount of carbohydrates for increased energy. Rose also enjoys milk, sports drinks, water and juice. He also has a sweet tooth but will only eat junk food in moderation. His diet involves the perfect combination of protein and carbohydrates with little fat. It’s no wonder why Rose is pretty jacked!

One of the bright, young superstars of the NBA, Derrick Rose has some of the best athleticism among NBA players. In 2005, Rose took part in the NIKE Boys Elite Skills Academy where he went against many of the top high school ball players in the nation. All the players went through specific drills designed to assess their Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness, which is known as SPARQ Basketball Rating.

Derrick Rose finished with a score of 84.10 SPARQ, placing him second behind Brandan Wright. He finished top five in four of the five testing categories. Rose had the quickest 20-meter dash, doing it in 2.65 seconds. Also, he had the longest power ball throw at 69 feet. He finished with the highest one-step vertical leap, measuring in at 39 inches. It’s no wonder why Rose can almost hit his head to the rim when he dunks!



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