LaRon Landry Workout

LaRon Landry is as intimidating as they come. The 6’0, 217 lb. defensive back is known as one of the most intense players in the NFL.

He is known as a true workout warrior and physical specimen. In college at LSU, he had a bench press of 425 pounds with a 500 pound squat, in addition to a 286 pound power clean. At the NFL Combine, Landry ran an impressive 4.37 40 yard dash time with a 37.5” vertical jump. These impressive stats propelled him from LSU star to the #6 pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. With years of experience in the NFL, he probably gained over 150 pounds on his bench and squat. Just look at how much he has grown since arriving in the league!

Landry is known for embracing the compound movements when he trains. His workout routine consists of explosive compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead presses, and snatch high pulls. He consistently changes the amount of sets and reps that he does so that muscular adaptation never occurs. Football players on average carry a larger amount of muscle mass than other athletes in other sports. Football is a collision sport and this type of training not only helps your ability to hit but your ability to sustain hits.


Would you want to get in this man’s way? Landry has an impressive combination of muscle mass and definition.


“It takes a grown man to lift the amount of weight I lift,” he told the Official Redskins Blog. “So I’ve gotta wear grown man attire. So I go in there with a collared shirt on.” Landry trains around the clock…literally. When the Redskins were scheduled to play the Packers on a Sunday afternoon game, he was found working out in his hotel room 13 hours before kickoff. No wonder why he is one of the hardest hitter in the NFL. He’s ready at all times! “Hell yeah,” he told the Washington Post after Sunday’s game, when he again was the defensive star. “I work out listening to slow jams. Late night, no matter what time it is, I work out, get me a nice steak and french fries or what have you, and wake up in the morning and do the same routine. Sometimes I hit the gym, depending on how I feel, at 7 o’clock, but I also work out at night before I go to bed…Curfew’s at 11, so while they’re checking, that’s when I do my do.”

He brings his resistance bands when traveling on the road, able to do all sorts of exercises just with them. He does 4-5 sets of every exercise, including single-arm curls, double curls, push-ups, and a benching motion. You can get a great workout using resistance bands. When using such bands, you do not fight gravity. Instead, you are fighting the tension in the bands, but can move freely in any direction. With gravity, the only way is down. The ability to move freely allows you mimic and recreate natural movements in your daily life, especially some of the movements you can find on the football field. “I just do what I do,” Landry said. “That makes me feel pumped for the game. It makes me feel swole, you know what I mean, so I go into the game feeling like He-Man.”



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