Clay Matthews Workout

Clay Matthews workout training routine focuses on MMA workouts. Similar to the workout of Brian Cushing, his former teammate at USC, Matthews trains exactly like an MMA fighter minus the sparring. These high intensity workout sessions are run by MMAthletics, a company formed by FOX Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer and Ultimate Fighting Championship star Randy Couture. MMAthletics has worked with numerous other athletes, such as Cushing, Jared Allen, and Keith Rivers. Recently, the Atlanta Falcons have become the first NFL franchise to begin a team-sponsored MMA program for its players.


Matthews was featured on the cover of Muscle & Fitness. He is a true workout enthusiast and many people are always interested to see what he does in the gym on a daily basis.


Matthews is a beast on the field and to prepare him in that regard, he goes through the physical and mental stress endured by an MMA fighter. There’s a tremendous amount of carryover from these workouts to what Matthews does on the field. Matthews does things like Muay Thai for core and hip development, wrestling, working on hands, and getting guys off of him.

In addition, this type of training does not put a lot less pressure on his back, knees, and joints because there’s a lot of bodyweight exercises involved rather than lifting heavy weight that risks injury. As a result, he’s fresher on game day to make touchdown-saving tackles.




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