Vernon Davis Workout

Vernon Davis is one of the biggest physical specimens in the NFL. At 6’3 and 250 lbs., he possesses a raw combination of strength and athleticism with a jacked body to show. According to an interview with AskMen, he bench-pressed 465 pounds, power-cleaned 365 pounds, and squatted 685 pounds while playing college football at Maryland. He also ran a 4.38 40-yard dash and a 42 inch vertical jump, something unheard of for a tight end. He benched press 33 reps at 225 pounds, which is an incredible feat.

Davis trains three days a week- Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Since he trains every other day, he gives his body an ideal amount of rest. He works out extremely hard in the weight room but significantly decreases any risk of overtraining due to this rest time. He focuses primarily on his upper body and the muscles necessary to dominate his position. To recover from his workouts, Davis drinks a 20 gram protein shake, floats in the pool, and goes in the hot-and-cold tub. Davis is smart with his protein consumption as 20-30 grams of protein post-workout is ideal. It is harder for your body to digest more protein than this at a time so this number is good for maximal muscle absorption.


Davis is a big advocate of resistance band training, which helps with strength, flexibility, and range of motion. This is a great workout for football players.


Davis eats around three big meals a day with a protein bar in between lunch and dinner. He relies primarily on eggs and oatmeal in the morning, grilled chicken or a turkey burger with veggies for lunch and dinner. This is a high protein diet that will help with his muscular growth and recovery. Lastly, Davis hardly drinks alcohol (except for special occasions) because of the dangerous effects alcohol can have on his general health and athletic performance.



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